Judging Diary

This page is dedicated to provide those, who are interested, with a list of those who will be judging Irish Setters at shows. These will be according to year. Priority has been given to Championship shows, but Breed Specific; Premier Open and Open shows with Breed Specialists have also been added


Show venueShow TypeDateDog JudgeBitch Judge
ManchesterChamp21/01/24Dr. R JamesDr. R James
Midlands Irish Setter Society (MISS)Champ04/02/24Mrs. S Lohkamp-SommerMrs. J Kniveton
CRUFTSChamp08/03/24Mrs. C MorganMr. P Armstrong
Irish Setter Breeders Club (ISBC)Champ23/03/24Miss A M DouthwaiteMrs. A Roberts
Irish Setter Breeders Club (ISBC) – Kate O’Callaghan MemorialOpen23/03/24Mrs. S RandleMrs. S Randle
Irish Setter Club of Scotland (ISCS)Champ13/04/24Mrs. J WilkinsMrs. J Wilkins
Irish Setter Club of Wales (ISCW)Champ20/04/24Mr. G HughesMrs. P Blay
Irish Setter Club of Wales (ISCW)Champ20/04/24Mrs. L Murray-HogsfleshMrs. J Walters
West of England Ladies Kennel Society (WELKS)Champ25/04/24Mrs. R MartinMrs. R Martin
Birmingham NationalChamp09/05/24Mr. M GadsbyMr. M Gadsby
Scottish Kennel Club (SKC)Champ19/05/24Mr. B GraceMr. B Grace
Scottish Kennel Club (SKC)Champ19/05/24Mr. S HollingsMr. S Hollings
BathChamp27/05/24Mr A A Czegledi (Hungary) Mr A A Czegledi (Hungary)
Southern CountiesChamp02/06/24Mrs. J Green (nee Sturrock)Mrs. J Green (nee Sturrock)
South of England Irish Setter Club (SEISC)Champ02/06/24Mrs. R CoxMrs. R Cox
Three CountiesChamp09/06/24Mrs. P HarrisMrs. P Harris
Border UnionChamp16/06/24Mrs. G ByeMrs. G Bye
Blackpool & District Canine SocietyChamp22/06/24Mrs. V BlackshawMrs. V Blackshaw
WindsorChamp28/06/24Mr. P J HallMr. P J Hall
BostonChamp06/07/24Mrs. K Ryan (Nee Ryan)Mrs. K Ryan (Nee Ryan)
LeedsChamp27/07/24Mrs. E P HollingsMrs. E P Hollings
PaigntonChamp03/08/24Miss. J GreenanMrs. S Lohkamp-Sommer
South of England Irish Setter Club (SEISC)- (Held with Paignton)Champ03/08/24Mrs. S CliffordMr. D McCulloch
National GundogChamp04/08/24Miss. N J WalkerMrs. M Bott
BournemouthChamp10/08/24Mrs. D Stewart- RitchieMrs. D Stewart- Ritchie
Welsh Kennel ClubChamp17/08/24Mr. J B DaltryMr. J B Daltry
Irish Setter Club of Wales (ISCW)Northern Open Show– (Held with Welsh Kennel Club)Open17/08/24Mrs. J GilbertMrs. J Gilbert
DriffieldChamp23/08/24Mr. D HopewellMr. D Hopewell
City of Birmingham Canine Association Champ01/09/24Mrs. D M AbbottMrs. D M Abbott
DarlingtonChamp14/09/24Mr J SharmanMr J Sharman
Belfast & District Irish Setter ClubChamp29/09/24Mrs. A CallisterMrs. A Callister
Irish Setter Association of England (ISAE)Champ05/10/24Mrs. J E HolleyMrs. J E Holley
Irish Setter Association of England (ISAE)Champ05/10/24Mrs. P StocktonMrs. P Stockton
South Wales Kennel AssocaiationChamp13/10/24Mrs. R PickersgillMrs. R Pickersgill
Irish Setter Club of Wales (ISCW)Southern Open Show– (Held with South Wales Kennel Association)Open13/10/24Miss. G SloaneMiss. G Sloane
Gundog Society of WalesChamp16/10/24Mr. F WhyteMr. F Whyte
North East of England Irish Setter Club (NEEISC)Champ19/10/24Mrs. C BaileyMr. B Limpus
Midland CountiesChamp26/10/24Mr. B FrauvrelleMr. B Frauvrelle
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland (GBAS)Champ09/11/24Mrs. R D Danks-KemishMrs. R D Danks-Kemish
Irish Setter Club of Scotland (ISCS)- (Hosted by GBAS)Champ09/11/24Mr G HaranMr G Haran
Setter & PointerChamp24/11/24Mr. B MarshallMr. B Marshall
Irish Setter Breeders Club (ISBC)Champ07/12/24Miss. C LoughlinMrs. S Foster
Irish Setter Breeders Club (ISBC)- Rescue Open ShowOpen07/12/24Mrs. L WilliamsonMrs. L Williamson
Ladies Kennel Association (LKA)Champ14/12/24Mr. J CuddyMr. J Cuddy

N.B. Other shows that are sponsored by the Irish Setter Club of Wales will be added in due course.


Show Show TypeDate Dog JudgeBitch Judge
BostonChamp08/01 Cancelled G. GriffinG. Griffin
ManchesterChamp14/01 Cancelled L. MorrisL. Morris
Midland Irish Setter Society (MISS)ChampRescheduled- TBC Lohkamp-SommerJ.Kniveton
CruftsChampRescheduled- TBC C. MorganP. Armstrong
Irish Setter Club of Scotland (ISCS)ChampRescheduled- TBC R. MosedaleR. Mosedale
Irish Setter Club of Wales (ISCW)ChampRescheduled- TBC V. BlackshawG. Bye
Joint Show (ISCW)ChampRescheduled- TBC J. VantM. Henderson (was P. Ivesen)
West of England Ladies Kennel (WELKS)Champ25/04 CancelledC. PrangleC. Prangle
Scottish Kennel Club (SKC)Champ23/05 RescheduledE. Ciechonska E.Ciechonska
Three Counties Champ13/06 CancelledA.Douthwaite A.Douthwaite
Southern Counties Champ26/06L. Cox L. Cox
WindsorChamp04/07 CancelledP. HallP. Hall
East of EnglandChamp10/07J. BayneJ. Bayne
South of England Irish Setter Club (SEISC)Champ18/07 RescheduledA. CallisterM. Hunter
LeedsChamp24/07L. TrowL. Trow
BathChamp31/07P. RutherfordP. Rutherford
National GundogChamp01/08R. LewisD. Wilder
PaigntonChamp07/08F. Heron-O’BrianN. Sturrock
Joint show (SEISC from 2020)Champ07/08S. LittlechildJ. Humpreys
BournemouthChamp14/08D. HemmingsD. Hemmings
Welsh Kennel ClubChamp21/08 CancelledJ. DaltryJ. Daltry
BlackpoolChamp21/08M. BottM. Bott
DriffieldChamp27/08T. GardnerT. Gardner
Irish Setter Breeders Club (ISBC)Champ29/08P. Butler-HolleyA. Watt
City of BirminghamChamp05/09 cancelledR. StrudwickR. Strudwick
Irish Setter Club of Wales (ISCW) 2020 showChamp08/09T. RaineyA. Roberts
South of England Irish Setter Club (SEISC) 2020 showChamp08/09G. HorrocksM. Sweeney
RichmondChamp11/09L. KingL. King
DarlingtonChamp18/09E. GrattonE. Gratton
Birmingham InternationalChamp23/09A. AllenA. Allen
Irish Setter Breeders Club (ISBC)2020Champ23/09C. SchofieldV. Blackshaw
Irish Setter Association of England (ISAE)Champ02/10D. FryerM. Hillocks
Scottish Kennel Club (SKC) (rescheduled)Champ03/10E. CiechonskaE. Ciechonska
Scottish Kennel Club (SKC) Champ03/10K. RichardsonK. Richardson
Border UnionChamp04/10M. KavanaghM. Kavanagh
South Wales Kennel Association (SWKA)Champ10/10 cancelledJ. RorkeJ. Rorke
Gundog Society of WalesChamp13/10J. WardJ. Ward
North East of England Irish Setter Club (NEEISC)Champ23/10S. MitchelN. Naylor
Belfast Champ24/10M. ArmstrongM. Armstrong
Belfast & District Irish Setter Club Champ24/10J. MillerJ. Miller
Belfast & District Irish Setter Club 2020Champ25/10K. Gorman (was P. Blay) K. Gorman (was P. Blay)
Midland CountiesChamp31/10 CancelledW. MorleyW. Morley
Setter and Pointer Champ06/11A. HowesM. Howes
GBASChamp13/11 cancelledD. Mc DonaldJ. Parsons
Irish Setter Club of Scotland (ISCS)- RescheduledChamp13/11R. MosedaleR. Mosedale
Ladies Kennel Association (LKA)Champ11/12R. CoxR. Cox

Selected Open Shows

  • ISCW Northern Open show (February)- Postponed- A. Stewart
  • ISCW Southern Open show- (31/07/21) held in conjunction with Bath Champ- A. Stewart
  • ISBC Open- (29/08/21) held in conjunction with ISBC Champ- C. Green
  • Belfast & District Irish Setter Club- (25/10/21)- S. Randle

Previous show information

For information on previous shows and the judges please see the records below.