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If you have a feeling that you have or will missed out on an event like a show or Breed appreciation day, do not worry. Although only through photographs, all the events that we have photos for and future events will be posted on this page.

Breed Appreciation Day (BAD)

The Kennel Club has issued that A BAD for each breed club, unless this is in conjunction with another club, must be undertaken every 2 years. They aim to: 

  1. “To educate individuals interested in the breed, whether they are exhibitors, aspiring judges or breeders, and provide them with the information to make informed decisions to preserve and safeguard the breed.”
  2. “To test a candidate’s knowledge of the Breed Standard via a Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam.”

The Objectives:

  1. “To provide an opportunity for all those interested in learning more/updating their knowledge about that breed to attend a Breed Appreciation Day.”
  2. “To encourage individuals to take control of their learning opportunities and ensure that all Kennel Club judges are provided with the opportunity for enhancing their knowledge.”
  3. “To outline the Kennel Club expectations, reinforce good practice, and encourage careful planning and organising.”
  4. “To provide an opportunity for all those interested in judging the breed to attend the subsequent Multiple-choice Breed Standard Examination, and potentially obtain a pass certificate. This pass certificate may be used as part of the criteria for progression to Level 2.”

Breed Appreciation Day (BAD 2019)

This was the first of our Breed Appreciation Days (BAD), that was held as part of the new Kennel Club initiative to promote the ins and outs of the dog breed in question.

Our first was carried out in 2019. We were very blessed to have two excellent guest speakers in Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Gwendariff) and David Bell (Balintyne).

We were also lucky to have some fantastic mentors in

  • Brenda Berry- Brinara
  • Eva Ciechonska- Aoibheanne
  • Mary Gurney- Dannaway
  • Jill Holley- Wynjill
  • Dee Milligan-Bott- Thendara
  • Lynn Muir- Romarne
  • Jane Mugford- Lynwood
  • Brian Ross-Autumnglow
  • Alister Watt- Shenanagin

This very successful day could not have taken part without the fantastic dogs, their staff and all those in attendance.

Northern Open Show 2020

These are from our Northern Open Show 2020 where Cheryl Newland was our judge.

Northern Open Show 2021

These are from our Northern Open Show 2020 where Alec Stewart was our judge.