Southern Open Show 2008

Judge Cathy Hayward (Moreta)

Judge and Committee Celebrating 30th Anniversary Show


Thank you so much for a very enjoyable day with your dogs. I was concerned by the number of untypical heads, being far too broad with round eyes and plain vacant expression. Many exhibits lacked the required spring of rib. Movement was difficult to assess but I was amazed at the number of handlers who used the mats for themselves and the shiny floor for their dog thereby compromising their exhibits chance of sound movement. On a personal note, I detest the seemingly current fashion to close crop the ears in English setter style, in some cases it only helps to emphasise the broadness of the skull. The standard asks for ‘feathers on the upper portion of ears long and silky’. Having said all of that, I was impressed by my winners and the depth of quality, particularly in the older bitch classes made for some difficult decisions.

MINOR PUPPY DOG 9 (4 Abs) 1, Hirons LOSKERAN FOLLOW THE DREAM, 7mths, smart dark coated baby, confident and well schooled. Liked his neck and shoulder placement. Well boned with a good front and well angulated hind quarters. Moved steadily. 2.Glithero & Philo’s COPPERSHELL VINCENT, just six months, preferred him in head to 1 but not as well balanced in body at the moment.  3 Buchan’s LOSKERAN DREAM MAKER

PUPPY DOG 8 (4 Abs) 1 Jones’s HUNNICOTE HEATHERMAN, BPD, Really liked this smart 11month boy. Well bodied and boned with strong, straight front, correct length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Lovely expressive head with eyes of correct shape and colour. Moved out well and confidently. Just needs his hind quarters to balance with his front to complete a most promising picture. 2 Buchan’s LOSKERAN DREAM MAKER. 3rd in MP, not the head qualities of the winner, bigger and rangier than 1st so consequently not as balanced at the moment. Nevertheless a good overall shape with good depth.

VETERAN DOG 3 1 Partridge’s KERRYDOWN IN TIME, what a lovely dog and how I wished I had had the opportunity to judge him 5 years ago. Most lovely head with the required soft, true Irish expression. I loved him from the tip of his grey muzzle to the end of his correctly carried, gently wagging tail. Although now a senior citizen, he has retained his balance and shape, super front and feet, just the right length to his neck, well angulated shoulders and well sprung ribs. I note from the catalogue that he is half brother to the BIS winner and they are cast in the same mould. Their breeder/owner should be very proud. 2 Rodda’s TERRAMOUR HAPPY-GO-LUCKY, 10 years old, longer cast but well balanced. Liked his head and expression. Not moving as well as 1st. 3Child’s HEATHCLARE FORT WORTH.

JUNIOR DOG 9 (2Abs) 1 Partridge’s KERRYDOWN MY GUY.  Smart, compact, 13 month dog. Well off for bone and a strong body with good depth. Good head and eye. Lovely dark coloured coat in super condition. 2 Halliwell’s HAWKDOWN MARSHALL DYLAN, What a promising dog this is and his handler should persevere with more training because there is much to like here. When I was able to assess him I found a well balanced young dog with a lovely head and expression. Strong quarters with well turned stifles. Did a first class job on throwing his chances away so had to settle for 2nd place today. 3 Child’s LYRASETT DISCOVERY

YEARLING DOG 3, 1 Danks-Kemish’s TIROEN TIME AFTER TIME FOR ALOLFRAN J.W.  Masculine head, good neck and shoulders, strong quarters and well turned stifles. Preferred the head of 2nd, but this dog, being that much older presented a more balanced picture. 2. Partridge’s KERRYDOWN MY GUY. 3 Child’s LYRASETT DISCOVERY.


GRADUATE DOG 9 (4 Abs) 1Pike’s REDCLYST VLADAMIR, Won this class on his head and expression. Beautifully put together, showing the required balance throughout. Strong in body with good depth, straight front with a good forechest, good shoulders and ribs. Forgave his tendency to sometimes flag his tail on the move as his other qualities outshone this. 2nd Pine’s SEOWNS ARCHER, A well balanced dog presenting a pleasing picture. Lovely coat of good colour. Good head but would prefer a darker eye. 3 Partridge’s KERRYDOWN MY GUY

POST GRADUATE DOG 6 (1 Abs) 1 Pike’s REDCYLST CORMAC, What a good sound honest dog this is. Of ideal size with super bone, firm correct topline, excellent tailset,  first class body properties. Masculine head with pleasing eye and expression, good lay of shoulder and well muscled throughout, correct depth of chest, sufficient bend of stifle with good short hocks. Moved true with drive and style, however, does not want to carry any more weight! R.B.D. 2 Buchan’s LOSKERAN JITTERBUG, a finer dog all through than 1st, Good head and excels in neck. Well placed shoulders, eye catching outline. 3 Butler’s COVARNEY WAIT N SEE RUBYMOON

LIMIT DOG 6 (1 Abs), 1 Partridge’s KERRYDOWN LOOK AT ME, so aptly named, couldn’t take my eyes off him and would gladly have taken him home. His size and shape is so appealing, beautifully balanced giving a truly elegant outline but he has substance and muscle, excellent forechest and lay of shoulder, correct length of neck, lovely deep chest with excellent ribs. Firm topline leading to an excellent tailset and a tail of correct length which he used perfectly on the move. He has the most beautiful head of correct proportions showing the desired chiselling and raised brows with correct eye shape and colour. To finish, he possesses the most glorious coat of rich colour and correct texture which was presented to perfection. I had no hesitation in making him my B.D. Ultimately he finished B.I.S. I loved him! 2 Vincent & Spencer’s GIMAROCH ON REQUEST AT CAERVISTA, Another good dog with lots to like. Good head and eye, strong, well developed front, neat feet, good shoulders and ribs. Strong topline which he held on the move. Strong hind quarters leading to positive movement. 3 Child’s BRENRUE HIGHLANDER

OPEN DOG 8 (3 Abs) 1 Needs & Condron’s COVARNEY BRINGS VERDI TO STOURFORD, beautifully presented, won here on his head and neck. I liked his strong quarters and super turn of stifle which enabled him to move with such style and drive. Perhaps just a shade short of furnishings on the day when compared to the other class winners. 2 Harris’ MAESFFYNNON VIJAY, well bodied and boned, good shoulders and spring of rib. Not so strong in pasterns as 1st and not quite the head quality. 3 Child’s BRENRUE HIGHLANDER

MINOR PUPPY BITCH 6 (2 Abs) 1 Robert’s POLMENOR WILLOW PATTERN Just 6 months old and I presume at her first time. Took some time to settle but when she did I saw a beautiful baby with the most appealing head and dark eyes. She has a good strong, straight front, good shoulders and neck, lovely body properties and elegant overall shape. I hope she gains in confidence as she develops as she is certainly a most promising prospect. 2 Hiron’s LOSKERAN SIMPLY A DREAM, darker coated, longer cast and more forward than 1st but not the head of the winner. I liked her elegant neck & shoulder placement. Moved out steadily. 3 Seek’s LOSKERAN MAKING DREAMS

PUPPY BITCH 6 (2 Abs) 1 Waterton’s LYNWOOD  KISSED BY AN ANGEL AT SANDSTREAM, at the top end of puppy and developing along all the right lines. Well bodied and in gleaming condition. Excels in hind quarters and once settled moved very positively. Excellent front with good strong pasterns and neat arched feet. Balanced in outline. Feminine head with good dark eyes and well set ears. B.P.B and B.P.I.S. 2 Robert’s POLMENOR WILLOW PATTERN, 3 Jones’ HUNNICOTE TAWBITS BETTINA

VETERAN BITCH 6 (1 Abs) 1 Douthwaite & Wharfe’s GRACEWOOD SHOW STOPPER 8 years old and in absolutely fabulous coat and condition. Lovely head and feminine expression, her greying muzzle only emphasised the softness of her head.  Good neck and shoulders, strong in front with excellent bone. Good depth throughout although she doesn’t need to carry any more weight. Strong hind quarters and so well muscled enabling positive sound, driving movement. B.V.I.S. 2 Pike’s REDCLYST GLENURY COUNTESS, another delightful 8 year old, has elegance, a reachy neck, excellent firm topline and good depth throughout. 3 Rodda’s ShCh COVARNEY CARA MIA MINE AT TERRAMOUR Sh CM

JUNIOR BITCH 7 (2 Abs) 1 Walsh’s MOON BELLA OF MILLCROFT, really fell for this racy, elegant dark coated youngster. Gave her handler a hard time and had to be gone over to appreciate her qualities and there are many to admire from her sweet, feminine head and elegant neck to her correctly set on tail. In between is a balanced body with good shoulders and good depth of chest. Just felt she needed to carry a shade more weight. 2 Robert’s COLANME CONFECTION, close up to 1st but not as good in front. Good expressive head, well developed body, good lay of shoulder. 3 Boutell’s MILLCROFT MOON ORCHID AT IXIA


TYRO BITCH 5 (2 Abs) 1Walsh’s MOON BELLA OF MILLCROFT 2 Jones’ HUNNICOTE TAWBITS BETTINA Bigger all through than 1st so consequently not quite as balanced at the moment. Liked her head and expression. Feet need to tighten.  3 Webb’s ALOFRAN JITTERBUG

GRADUATE BITCH 5  1 Russell’s MELMARA MEZZA LUNA, My notes say ‘Wild and Wicked’ – what a handful but so worth persevering with. Ideal size with substance and excellent bone. She excels in croup and tail set and consequently has the proper tail action when moving. I liked her short neat hocks and lovely feet which enabled her to move so positively. Sweet head and expression. Coat just beginning to blow. 2 Robert’s COLANME CONFECTION 3 Pine’s SEOWNS AMBER ROSE

POST GRADUATE BITCH 4 (2 Abs) 1. Russell’s MELMARA RUBY TUESDAY, litter sister to the graduate winner and they are like peas in a pod. Just a shade longer cast than her sister giving a slightly more elegant outline. More developed in sternum and rib than 2nd. Again just the size I prefer and such good bone. Super depth all through. Lovely head and eye. Moving well once settled. 2 Robert’s  LYNWOOD THEME SONG FOR POLMENOR. Another good quality bitch, larger all through than 1st but still showing an elegant, feminine outline. Not quite the head qualities of 1st

LIMIT BITCH 7 (2 Abs) 1Boutell’s IXIA GENEVIEVE Top class and one I have previously liked immensely. Could see nothing today to make me change my mind. She is so well balanced with a clean outline. Sufficient bone. Lovely feminine head. Good length of body and excellent forechest. Just felt she lacked a little sparkle today when considering her for Best Bitch. 2 Partridge’s KERRYDOWN LAYLA Another great quality bitch. Well balanced with good substance. Just found her a little too strong in head for me, but she has a feminine outline and kept a perfect topline on the move. 3 Rodda’s FEMME FATALE ILECEKH (Imp)

OPEN BITCH 8 (1 Abs) 1 Waterton’s LYNWOOD STRANDS OF SILK AT SANDSTREAM, almost 7 years old and looking an absolute picture. She is grace and elegance personified. I love her size and shape, absolutely clean in outline giving a balanced, graceful picture. I have sung her praises before and those comments are just as relevant today. I truly hope she gains her title. B.B. & B.O.S in show. When it came to deciding BIS, compared to the dog, I just felt she lacked the required feathering to complete the picture. 2 Stevenson’s LOCHLORIEN MISS MARPLE COPS ANDLEY, Another super quality, feminine bitch. Super head and eye, well made all through, in great condition and moved really well.Not such good feet as 1st. R.B.B. 3 Harris’ GOLDINGS HELENA OF TRAPWELL.

BRACE 4 1 Pine’s well matched Mother & Son. Close up for size and moving in unison 2 Stevenson’s Mother & Daughter, 3 Russell’s Litter sisters.

Judge Cathy Hayward