Southern Open Show


  DINGESTOW VILLAGE HALL, Dingestow, Monmouth NP25 4BE 

 Sunday 15th November 2015 

Judge: Mrs. Geraldine Cove-Print (Colourbox)

Best in Show berry & Morris' Brinara Vanity Fair Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show Mugford's Lynwood Lark in the Dark

Best Puppy Corless' Swiftlark First Edition

Best Veteran Waterton's SH CH Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW SHCM


Irish Setter Club of Wales


Southern Open Show

MPD 1(0) 1.Gilks’ DANWISH THE LION KING.6 mnth Solid young pup, Good flow from neck to shoulder but a little upright in upper arm at this stage so hindering true extension to the fore on the move, time very much on his side, promising start.

PD 2 (0) 1.Jones HUNNICOTE HANDYMAN. Excellent head plains and expression, good tight feet, good forehand assembly, little steep on the croup, moved ok but would benefit from steady roadwork to improve his hind musculature. 2.Corless SWIFTLARK FIRST KNIGHT. Good head and eye, gangly youth, too long hock to floor at this time resulting in poor drive , needs time.

VD.0 (0)

JD. 8(1) 1.Rutherford, Judge and Brend DEVACOTT TEMPTATION TO CLONAGEERA.Well off for bone, early maturing dog with lovely eye. Not overdone in angulation fore and aft. Moved straight and true, is inclined to flag his tail but wouldn’t wish to dampen his youthful Irish spirit RBD 2. Naylor & Morrison ROMARNE CLARK GABLE JOINS ANLORY. Liked the balance of this dog, most attractive of heads but in this class moved awkwardly and without drive. 3.Jones HUNNICOTE HANDYMAN



GD. 4(0) 1. Naylor & Morrison ROMARNE CLARK GABLE JOINS ANLORY Finally this dog got his act together on the move and was rewarded by a place reversal from the previous class. 2. Partridge KERRYDOWN ODDS ON 3.Pike REDCLYST JACKSON

PGD.6 (3) 1.Prangle HEATHCLARE OLD GLORY Good lay of shoulder, plenty of heart room but still racy, is inclined to lift his forehand too high on the move shortening his fore extension and unbalancing his hind action, once he settles drives straight and true. Loved his expression and animated brows! 2.Axon BRINARA PRIVATE EYE Close up to 1. but for me a little too closely coupled which resulted in over reach in hind movement on the day. Superb head and expression.3.Fitzmaurice BRINARA INDEPENDENT

LD.4 1) 1. Mugford LYNWOOD LARK IN THE DARK JW Loved the flow of topline from his well proportioned neck to his correctly set on tail. Head has the lean elegance of quality,to be picky I would like tighter feet but his ground covering movement comes from the sound engineering of his frame.BD&RBIS2. Axon BRINARA INDEPENDANT Carrying a little extra weight which gives the impression of a loaded shoulder, really liked his head proportions, tight feet and soundness on the move, free striding would be enhanced by increased fitness I felt.3.Corless BARDONHILL SWIFT EAGLE

OD 3(2) 1.Axon BRINARA BACK IN THE RUNNING Substantial male but not coarse, little throaty. Soft flow of topline and enough impact absorbing angulation fore and hind. Moved soundly.

MPB 1(1)

PB 3(1)1.Corless SWIFTLARK FIRST EDITION. Delightful lass, correct head plains, gentle expression. A little long in loin at this stage. Short and strong hock to heel, producing steady drive.Very promising. BPIS.  2.Corless SWIFTLARK FIRST LADY. Sibling to 1.Just not the depth of chest, too narrow . Movement of a drunken sailor. Her head/ expression thankfully, is her redeeming feature.

VB 6(1) 1.Waterton Sh Ch.LYNWOOD KISSED BY AN ANGEL AT SANDSTREAM JW SHCM. Cracking girls in this class, loved the timeless grace of 1 and 2. Winner has classic head and expression mirrored in 2. Both moved freely, in superb condition. Nit picking between, 1 scored in well arched toes over 2 RBB & BV 2.Sh Ch LYNWOOD STARTED WITH A KISS 3.Fox SATLAS BLEAU EYES .

JB.9(1) Berry & Morris BRINARA LOWRI I would have popped this poppet into my handbag! Racy and strength combined. Good breadth of thigh, well muscled with short metatarsals, good impulsion behind. Tidy to front with excellent reach.2. Mugford SANGARAH SKYLINE OVER LYNWOOD. Lovely eye/expression. Little short in loin, best of feet. Moved with power. 3.Corless SWIFTLARK FIRST EDITION

YB.10 (0) 1. Berry & Morris BRINARA LOWRI 2. Partridge KERRYDOWN OCTAVIA Liked this girl’s  lay of shoulder but a tad long in second thigh just interfering with pleasing topline. However  she moved with efficiency and sufficient drive 3.Rutherford, Judge & Lippett CLONAGEERA LOVE IS REAL

TB. 10(0) 1. Rutherford, Judge & Lippett CLONAGEERA LOVE IS REAL . Lean head , quality, wistful expression. Good to forehand. Little narrow to thigh, tad long in 2nd thigh but still moved straight, true and with drive.2. Corless SWIFTLARK FIRST EDITION. 3.Stevens FOLLYBROOK MANHATTAN STAR

GB.7(0) 1. Waterton SANDSTREAM SUMMER BREEZE JW Slow maturing but racy, rangy and full of quality, movement was sound but insufficient drive. Loved her Palmeston star and her soft expression.2.Prangle HEATHCLARE QUE SERA SERA Tad steep off the croup, melting almond eyes and free movement.3.Taylor DANAWAY GOODY TWO SHOES

PGB. 3(1) 1.Corless LYNWOOD JUST FOR LARKS. Two very different girls in the top places, Winner , excellent front assembly , adequate angulation behind giving steady straight movement, super eye and gentle expression. 2. Taylor WYNJILL WELL DONE. Good to topline from withers to tail. Head planes good, eye and ear set good. Little eccentric on the move.

LB.5(3) 1.Berry & Morris BRINARA VANITY FAIR JW. Balance and grace, strength to rear and decent lay of shoulder, not enough room here to see true front extension on the move but cadence was excellent. Hock to heel short and proportional to the hind limb. Tight feet and an expression to melt your heart. Stepped up a gear in the challenge .BB & BIS 2.Partridge TSITSIKAMA GLEN ACACIA AT KERRYDOWN Sh CM. Elegant lass, dripping in coat, tad steep in upper arm  so forehand movement a little off. Good to top line, loved her inquisitive expression coupled with honest sweet nature.

OB.5(3) 1.Hall CURROWHILL TICKLED PINK WITH GLENARA JW Sh CM (IKC)Excellent tail action from this soundly moving lass, neat feet, gentle flow of top line. Ribs well set back. Wobble on the hocks today in tight environment. Super expression from elegantly raised brows. 2.Fox SETTASIDE JELLY BEAN. Here’s a girl who likes you to know she’s arrived! Exuberant and charming. Balanced b, just a little lacking in rhythm on the move.

BRACE: Corless . Two well matched young lasses, in excellent condition , a credit to their owner.



Geraldine Cove-Print (Judge)