ISCW Southern Open Show 2009


15th November 2009


Coleg Gwent, Usk, Gwent

Judge C.Carter (Copperbrook)

Best in Show Naylor & Morrison's Anlory Bonarda J.W.

 and Reserve Best in Show Condron's Covarney Masterclass

Best Opposite Sex Randle's Rionore Bewitching Thyme and Best Puppy Condron & Mortimer's Covarney Lill' Madam

Best Veteran Waterton's Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream Sh CM J.W.


The Irish Setter Club of Wales held their Southern Open show where BIS was Anlory Bonarda JW R BIS Covarney Masterclass and BP Covarney Lill'Madam.


MP3 1A.

1st. Webbs Alolfran Moment in timee,6mth youngster with a pleasing head and eye. Stood on neat feet with a good front,well bodied for age,moved well. BPD.

2nd. Gwilliams Millcroft Poachers Moon, larger boy .pleasant head, good shoulders. A little longer in loin, steady on the move.



Ist. Greenans Anlory the living Daylights over Juleset,liked the head on this 9mth old boy. Good neck and shoulder,straight front, body developing well, rather erratic on the move.

2nd. Millcroft Poachers Moon.

3rd. Axons Brinara Back in the Running.



1*. Condrons & Symons Covarney Cruiser, Beginning to show his age, nice head and eye, good

shoulder, bend of stifle, moved well for age.

2nd. Axons Twoacre Kavanagh. Dog I have placed well in his younger days. A little heavier in

head, good front, neat feet, well bodied, moved well.

3rd, Hirons  Losekeran Blue Jazz.



1st. Mugfords Coppers Undercover at Lynwood JW. What a super young dog, pleasing head with

correct eye. Good neck into well laid shoulder, straight in front with neat feet, Well ribbed with

depth, nice bend to stifle good tailset, moved well.

2nd. Gwilliams Millcroft Tinkers Moon. Longer cast youngster, good head shape and length of

neck. Good front, nicery angulated rear quarters. Moved ok.



1st. Jones Hunnicote Heathermann. Young dog developing well, pleasing head with kind eye, good neck and shoulder, well ribbed, good coupling and rear quarters, stood on good feet, moved well.

2nd. Legges Maescartref Tenessee Mood, smaller dog who gave his handler a hard time. Well

made, correct head shape, well angulated shoulders, well bent stifle moved ok.

3rd. Roddas Teramour Going for Gold..


TYRO 9 4A.

lrt Maescartref Tenessee Mood.

2nd, Teramour Going for Gold. Quite a tall boy. liked his head well set ears, good length to neck, straight front, good feet, well ribbed with well angulated rear qnarters, moved well covering the ground.

3rd. Harriss Maescartref I am a Believer at Trapwell.



1st. Childs Lyrasett Discovery, well built boy with a pleasing head and kind eye, well sprung ribs with depth of brisket, good stifle, moved steady.



1st. Naylor & Morrisons Anlory Bonarda JW.super young dog, loved his head with kind eye and well set ears, clean neck into well laid shoulder. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket, strong rear end with good quarters, nice bend of stifle, stood well with sloping topline, held on the move. BD and BIS.

2nd. Ward & Colvilles Ixia Gorgeous George, different type, well coated, pleasant head, good front and rear quarters, moved well.



1". Watkins Brinara Morris Traveller, well built dog. good body strong over loin, straight front with

neat feet. Good lay of shoulder, good ribs, depth of brisket, nice sweep to stifle, moved well holding topline..

2nd. Randles Wickenberry Jacks Lad at Rionore. smaller boy, pleasing head and eye, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder ,good body, well angulated rear, moved well....


OPEN 5 2A.

1st. Condrons Covarney Masterclass, liked this dog a lot,vtypical head with a kind well shaped eye, well set ears, good reach of neck into well laid shoulder, ribs well sprang with depth, well coupled with a strong rear end, moved well on good feet.   RBD & RBIS. 2nd. Hunnicote Heathennan, 3rd. Childs Brenrae Outlander.


MP 3,

1st. Condrons & Mortimers Covarney Lill' Madam, very pretty young lady .pleasing head with a soft expression, straight front, good neck and shoulder body developing nicely. stands well on neat feet, moved steady for age. BPIS.

2nd, Halls Shenanagan Stardrift at Glennara, another pretty young lady, taller and longer cast than 1, appealing head and expression. good in front and shoulder, another steady mover.

3rd Humpherys Millcroft Moongem of Henaleas.


1 and 2 repeat.



Ist. Watertons Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream, sweet headed bitch,bbeginning to show her age, best of fronts, well set ears, clean neck into good shoulder, good ribs with depth, moved well,

2nd. Roddas Sh Ch Covarney Cara Mia Mine at Teramour, another pretty bitch starting to show her age, pleasing head and eye, good general conformation with good lay of shoulder, well coupled. Moved well.

3rd. Stevensons Lochhlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley.



lrt. Roberts Colanme Morgana, bitch with a pleasing head and kind eye, good ear placement, good neck and shoulder,straight in front,plenty of heart room,neat feet, good rear quarters with nice bend of

stifle,moved well...

2nd. Reeds Taterslee Legendaire, very nice looking bitch, pleasing head and eye, good neck and shoulder, well bodied, moved well when settled.

3rd. Walshs Millcroft Ballad of the Moon.



1ST. Condrons Danceset Fancy Forgetting Covarney, a very nice young bitch headed this strong class, really liked her head with raised brows showing stop, nice shaped expressive eye, well set ears, good arched neck into well placed shoulder and sloping toplme,good over croup and tailset, straight in front with neat feet, moved well...

2nd. Watertons Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream, another sound bitch with a pleasant head and kind eye, straight front, well bodied, good rear quarters with ample stifle who moved well.

3rd Hirons Loskeran Simply a Dream.



1st. Loskeran Simply a Dream,pretty feminine headed bitch with a straight front and neat feet, super neck and good shoulder, good ribs and depth, good rear angulation. nice topline, moved well

2nd. Colanme Morgana.

3rd. Taterslee Legendaire.



1st. Naylor & Morrisons Anlory Crianza I liked her head with raised brows showing stop, ears well set, clean throat and arched neck, good layback of shoulder, good over croop, bend of stifle, good from hock to heel moved well.

2nd. Stevensons Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley.  another really nice bitch with a pleasing head and eye. good shoulder, well sprung ribs with depth of brisket good tailset, moved very well..

3rd. Roberts Colanme Confection.



1*. Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley,,,.

2nd. Naylor & Morrisons Bardonhill Leaping Water over Anlory. nice bitch with pleasing head and eye, ears well placed, straight front, good body, moved well.

3rd. McDonaghs Ronzalda Esmeraldo.


Limit 4 1A.

1st. Randies Rioore Bewitching Thyme, bitch I have done well before, striking girl in good coat and condition. really good front with neat feet. super head with plenty of work and well set ears. good reach of neck into superb shoulder flowing topline. good over croup to tail, nice angles to rear quarters, in

good coat and condition, moved well BB.

2 nd. Russells Melmara Ruby Tuesday, pleasing head with kind eye, good front, well bodied, good stifle  and rear quarters. moved ok.

Middletons Derrydore Ruby Dream at Trebbeurden.


1st. Naylor & Morrisons Anlory Cereza, another nice bitch from this kennel, best of heads with well shaped eye, raised brow, good clean neck to shoulder placement slraight in front ,liked her body shape with spring of rib, well coupled, good rear angulation. have seen her move better. RBB.

2nd Hirons Loskeran Larchjiked this bitch with her pretty head and kind eye, lovely well set ears, good straight front, best of necks into lay of shoulder, flowing topline to tailset, good over croup, well angulated rear, moved well.

3rd Reeds Taterslee Sunflower.



Middletons litter brother and sister gave this sporting exhibitor a hard time but full marks to her for persevering.


Chuck Carter