Championship Show 2015

Dogs – Mr. Peter Armstrong (Atron)
Bitches – Mrs. Cheryl Stevenson (Lochlorien)
Referee – Mrs. L. Morris (Brinara/Minsterlands)

Best Bitch and Best in Show Mrs J Walters' Dreamerlis Regal Jodie from Deneil

Best Dog Miss Tuite's Riverwood Kazatchok With Porschet JW

Best Puppy Mr & Mrs Nicholls' Romarne Under Orders

Dog Critique

I was delighted to be invited to judge dogs again after a 7 year interval and looked forward to seeing how the breed had progressed in that time. Disappointedly the problems I noted then seem to have worsened. Untypical heads with expressionless eyes, no raised eye brows, disappearing forechests, lack of upper arm angulation, spring of rib, depth of chest and finally, incorrect tail carriage to name but a few. All these problems must be addressed accordingly if we are to keep the Irish Setter we know and love.


 1st. Edwards’s Gwendariff  PS I Love You. Promising typy puppy possessing an  excellent flowing outline. Pleasing head with correct eye shape, good reach of neck. Straight front and ample spring of rib. Well angulated front and rear, correct tailset. Moved well. 2nd. Rutherford’s Devacott Temptation To Clonageera. Close up to 1St but just preferring the head and expression of the winner. Nevertheless having a decent head with good finish to muzzle. Pleasing outline and good sloping topline. Good bend of stifle. Well off for bone. Moved well. 3rd. Torpy’s Fernstart Songwriter.

 PUPPY DOG  (7,1)

 1st. Nicholls’s Romarne Under Orders. Very mature youngster for his age. Scoring with a decent head and soft expression. Well arched neck set well into laid back shoulders. Good angulation front & rear. Super profile with nice sloping topline. Moved very happily and soundly around the ring if sometimes a little proud of his tail. Very promising. Pleased to award him BPD 2nd. Torpy’s Fernstart Songwriter. By comparison to the class winner seemingly very much the baby at just 6 months old. Excellent balanced outline. Pleasing head and kind expression. Correct straight front with well placed shoulders. Ample depth of chest. Adequate topline. Good quarters. Moved well. 3rd. Harris’s Siochanna Celtic Lord Of Konakakela.

 VETERAN DOG  (11,2)

 1st. Gardner’s Sh.Ch. Riquitta Authentic. Delightful well chiselled head with raised brows and soft expression, good reach of neck, nice deep chest. Balanced stylish outline. Shown and presented in good coat and condition. Even though he is now in the twilight days of his show career he was still able to  move with drive around the ring, unlike some of the youngsters. 2nd. Edwards’s Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW. Another lovely type if from a bigger mould. Masculine head with kind expression. Nice eye shape and colour. True front with well laid back shoulders. Adequate spring of rib. Super topline which he held on the move. Adequate quarters. Well coated and in super condition. Movement satisfactory. 3rd. Lake’s Caskeys Checkmate

 JUNIOR DOG  (11,1)

 1st. Kniveton’s Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy. Have watched this youngster with interest for some time and on going over him I was not disappointed. Super type with decent head and kind expression, nice dark eye if perhaps a little loose. Well constructed throughout presenting an elegant stylish outline. Good reach of neck, straight front and deep chest. Good quarters and nice short hocks. Moved soundly and steadily with drive around the ring. Presented in excellent coat. 2nd. Muirs’s Romarne Tattinger JW. Another stylish youngster, excelling in overall outline being perhaps slightly longer cast and preferring the refinement in the head of the winner. Soft expression, correctly shaped eye. Good forechest, correct straight front. Good angulation front and rear. Moved well off strong hindquarters. 3rd. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Commitment.


 A very strong class with some very close difficult decisions being made to separate the first three placings.

 1st. Heron’s Caskeys Maestro. Super balanced profile. Well chiseled head with a soft expression and nice dark eye, so typical of this kennel.  Good straight front and deep well ribbed chest. Well angulated. Presented in good coat and condition. Moved steadily using the ring to advantage to win the class. 2nd. Macaulay’s Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersetts JW. Pushed extremely hard, very similar in type, possessing a better head but preferring  the hind quarter action of  the winner to decide the final placing. Good body properties. Excellent profile, well off for bone. Good spring of rib, deep chest. Adequate angulation, strong hindquarters, correct over the croup. Not quite the coat of the winner. Moved okay. 3rd. Cohen’s Aoibheannes’s Rough Diamond With Shushana JW.

 MAIDEN DOG  (5,1)

 1st. Nicholls’s Romarne Under Orders  2nd. Rutherford’s Devacott Temptation To Clonageera  3rd. Torpy’s Bardonhill Jive Talkin.

 NOVICE DOG  (12,3)

 1st. Kniveton’s Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy 2nd. Nicholls’s Romarne Under Orders  3rd. Rowbottom’s Lanstara Spring Moon.


 1st. Kniveton’s Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy. 2nd. Wilkins’s Margretwoods Gobstopper. Good overall type with an excellent profile when stood but disappointedly seemed to lose his topline on the move. Pleasing head and kind expression, would prefer a better finish to the muzzle if being critical. Nice low earset. Good reach of neck. Good front. Well off for bone, good front and rear angulation. Moved soundly. 3rd. Partridge’s Kerrydown One Man


 Difficult decisions again required between the first two in this class. Although quite different in type, each excelling in their own virtues.

 1st. Mitchell’s Amblin’s Sweet William. Lovely type of dog. Solidly built with a clean balanced outline. Refined head with kind expression. Good reach of neck, deep brisket. True front, firm sloping topline. Well angulated front and rear. Neat feet. Shown in good, if not copious, coat. Without doubt the best mover in the class. 2nd. Heron’s Caskeys Maestro. 3rd. Hogarth’s Redclyst Flash At Halingswood JW.


 1st. Peters’s Polmennor Funtime ShCm. Caught my eye immediately upon entering the ring. Substantial type scoring in overall style and balance, without any exaggeration. Pleasing head and soft melting expression, however eye could be a little darker to advantage, nice low earset. Good reach of neck. Good front, correct topline, excellent profile. Well off for bone, nice tight feet. Good angulation all round. Moved soundly. 2nd. Farndell’s Cordarragh Van Gogh. Pressed the winner very hard, just losing out on overall balance being slightly longer cast. Good refined head of correct proportions, nice reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Good spring of rib, nice sloping topline. Adequate angulation, moved well. 3rd. Openshaw’s Alolfran Quickstep To Lavansands.


 1st. Tuite’s Riverwood Kazatchok With Porschet JW. I have observed this dog with interest since I first saw him in the ring as a baby. Although seemingly capable of higher honours in the past he often was not shown in good hard physical condition nor was he presented to advantage and so inevitably disappointed on many an occasion. However, what a difference when he came under me today. It was obvious that his owner had really worked to get him in the best possible condition, and it was successful, and today was his day. Probably possessing the best head of the day with that very rare soft melting expression and nice dark eye. Long lean balanced head and pleasing expression, low set ears. Lovely reach of neck, flowing into well laid back shoulders. Good straight front, correct topline, excellent balanced profile. Moved soundly with drive around the ring. Presented in super coat and condition. Delighted to award him a well deserved C.C.. I understand that this was his all important third !. 2nd. Decoster & Hill-Decosters’s Vicary’s Keykeeper. Another favourite of mine who unfortunately came up against the winner, who today, was on top form. Excellent overall type, possessing a refined head with kind expression. Adequate reach of neck flowing into well angulated shoulders. Good spring of rib, nice firm topline. Super outline, good angulation front and rear, neat feet. Movement a little unsettled but acceptable, but definitely not as positive as I have seen him go in the past. 3rd. Holley’s Wynjill Well I Am JW.

 LIMIT DOG  (14,0)

 Another very strong class with quality in depth. I am sure the first three will no doubt change places on another day.

 1st. O’Connor’s Caispern Polonius. Superb overall outline with excellent body proportions. Good masculine head with kind expression with good finish to foreface, good reach of neck, nice deep chest, good angulation. Well off for bone, good powerful hindquarters which he used to advantage. Shown in good coat and condition. Tried desperately hard to throw away this class by giving his handler a very difficult time, who, despite the lack of co-operation, managed to get him to eventually stand and move well with drive. 2nd. Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW ShCm. Very similar type who pushed very hard, just losing out in overall balance. Excellent head with soft kind expression. Well laid back shoulders, nice deep chest with good spring of rib. Excellent firm sloping topline and stylish profile. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Unfortunately, again another not co-operating with his handler, his performance, especially on the move, suffering accordingly. 3rd. Wood’s Reddins Falcon ShCm


OPEN DOG  (5,1)

 1st. Pullen’s Sh.Ch. Harvancourt Harlem At Jacingail. A super class with 1st winning on overall style and proportions, solidly constructed throughout. Classic head and soft expression. Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs. Sweeping topline maintained on the move. Strong loin and quarters. Moved well with drive. First class presentation. Pushed hard in the challenge but could not match the steady, seemingly effortless, fluid movement of the C.C winner. Res.C.C.  2nd. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Sh.Ch. Thendara Pot Noodle JW. Good masculine head and expression.  Excellent well balanced  outline, well arched neck, nice deep chest, good croup and tailset. Presented in excellent coat and condition with superior furnishings to 1. Moved adequately around the ring, but could not match the positive action of the winner. 3rd. Hogarth’s Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift..


 1st. Fitzmaurice’s Brinara Independant. Solidly constructed male winning on overall style and proportions. Good masculine head, without coarseness, and possessing a soft expression with good eye shape. Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs. Adequate angulation front and rear. Feet could be tighter. Moved well. 2nd. Vincent & Spencers’s Lynwood What A Lark At Caervista. Excellent well balanced  outline. Acceptable head and expression with good dark eye. Well arched neck, nice deep chest, good croup and tailset. 3rd. Tupper & Anthony’s Staratlanta Elliot.


 1st. Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW ShCm. 2nd. McDonagh’s Ronzalda Figaro.  

 Peter Armstrong - Judge


  Bitch Critique

I would like to begin by thanking you all for allowing me the privilege of judging your beautiful girls. Whatever any judge’s opinion on the day of a show we all take the best ones home because they are the ones we have chosen to love and share our lives with.
There were some truly hair-splitting decisions today due to the depth of quality of the exhibits and this led to many lovely bitches having to go cardless.


1 Mugford’s SANGARAH SKYLINE OVER LYNWOOD NAF  A very pretty baby with lots of promise. Dark eye with sweet expression, good reach of neck and straight front. Well balanced for one so young. Well bodied and in proportion. Shall be watching her progression with interest. BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW 2 Hall’s HARREDS HETTIE At the time I thought my second and third were very similar and both were bitches have similar qualities. On now seeing my catalogue I understand why as they are litter sisters. Dark coated girl with feminine head and expression. Good angulation throughout, lovely tight feet, nice low ear set. 3 Hall’s HARREDS HILDA Similar comments apply to the previous girl. Just preferred the topline and finish of foreface of 2.


1 Henderson’s SAMETSUZ MAK’N HONEY  Very stylish puppy with lovely outline and didn’t disappoint on the move, as she was very sound. Correct topline and tailset, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good width of thigh, deep chest with pronounced forechest.  Best Puppy Bitch 2 Mugford’s SANGARAH SKYLINE OVER LYNWOOD NAF 3 Hyslop’s GWENDARIFF ON A ROLLERCOASTER  Good topline and tailset.  Deep chested with good reach of neck and upper arm angulation.


1 Hogflesh SH CH LYNGOR LIVING WATER  I have competed with this bitch on many occasions and have always admired her.  Not my preferred head type, but so well constructed with excellent angulation throughout. Well bodied and moved with such drive. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW IN AGREEMENT WITH MY CO JUDGE 2 Rutherford’s AM CH WITCHBROOKE CLONAGEERA COROT ( IMP USA) Another stylish lady with very sweet expression. Very different to 1 but a real classy lady with a racy outline, good angulation and moved well. 3 Russell’s MELMARA RUBY TUESDAY Mature lady of 9 years, lots of qualities, not least being her sound movement.  Well balanced construction with no exaggerations. Correct topline and tailset, good spring of rib.


1 Muir’s ROMARNE TICKLED JW Stunning young bitch with a really eye catching outline. Lovely head and expression, low ear set, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders with good upper arm angulation. Plenty of forechest and good spring of rib. Well balanced with good width of thigh and defined second thigh. Lovely tight feet, shown in excellent coat and condition. Moved very soundly with reach and drive. 2 Waterton’s SANDSTEAM WELCOME BREEZE  Very pretty girl with lovely quizzical expression, correct eye shape and colour.  Good straight front. Well constructed shoulders and hind quarters. Moved with animation, showing her cheeky character. 3 Blackshaw’s LANSTARA SPRING STAR   Mature bitch shown in excellent coat and condition. Well balanced with plenty of bone. Well bodied with good spring of rib. Nice deep chest. Good neck and shoulder construction. Lovely in profile and didn’t disappoint on the move.


1 Heather’s  CASKEYS MOVIE STAR AT SIXOAKS JW  Very nice head with soft, feminine expression. Dark eye, low set ears and good finish to foreface. Good reach of neck. Correct topline. Good width of thigh. Nice deep chest. Moved soundly. 2 Taylor’s DANAWAY GOODY TWO SHOES Not as mature as 1, but still much to admire about this young lady. Well constructed throughout with nothing exaggerated. 3 Sketchley’s DANAWAY GOOD HEAVENS  Racy young bitch with strong, straight front.  Moved soundly.






1 Waterton’s SANDSTEAM WELCOME BREEZE 2 Blackshaw’s LANSTARA SPRING STAR  3 Partridge’s KERRDOWN OCTAVIA  Very nice young bitch with balanced outline. Good angulation throughout. Short from heel to hock. In good coat and condition, moved soundly and with drive.


1 Powis’ AMBERWAVE FEATHER  Impressive looking girl. Sturdy construction with classic outline. Plenty of bone, good forechest and upper arm angulation.  Gently sloping topline. Moved straight and true. 2 Pike’s REDCLYST AURA Different type to 1. Lovely bitch in glossy coat and condition. Pretty, feminine expression,  good reach of neck, correct topline and tailset. Moved well. 3 Walker GWENDARIFF THE DRAMA QUEEN PLAYS WROXHAM Compact bitch. Well made throughout, with good reach of neck. Neat feet.


1 Walters’ DREAMERLIS REGAL  JODIE FROM DENEIL Have always loved this naughty girl, and today she decided to be on her best behaviour and show her socks off! Such a pretty head with a glint in her lovely dark eyes. A real Irish character who is so well constructed from her lovely neck and shoulders through her correct topline to the tip of her well set on tail. Plenty of depth of chest, good forechest and spring of rib. Carrying just the right amount of weight. So well balanced and moves soundly using her tail to full effect. Delighted to award her, her first CC and on the decision of the referee she was also Best In Show.  Congratulations 2 Hall’s CURROWHILL TICKLE PINK WITH GLENNARA JW SHCM  Attractive girl in beautiful gleaming coat. Feminine head and expression. Strong hindquarters, short heel to hock giving her drive on the move.  Plenty of forechest and good width of thigh. 3 Wilkins BARDONHILL HETTY BAYLISS AMONG MARGARETWOODS JW  Not wearing her best dress today, but a beautifully constructed girl. Full of quality with a balanced outline. Lovely tight feet. Good neck and shoulders.


1 Lippett’s NEATHAMILL  ISABELLA AT CLONAGEERA  Stylish bitch with good strong bone, in full coat. Nice head shape, good reach of neck. Gently sloping topline with correctly set tail.  Powered around the ring with her head up, and her tail swishing.  Lovely strong hindquarters. 2 Holley’s GWENDARIFF SODA POP TO WYNJILL  Really caught my eye as very much the type of bitch I like. Presented in good coat and condition;  a lovely balanced outline with good angulation front and rear. Such a pretty girl, but today just didn’t have the sparkle of 1. 3 Sheldon’s DELSANTO SNOW BELLE Well constructed, with lovely head and expression.  Good spring of rib, well bodied.  Good strong hocks and pasterns. Moved well.


1 Henderson’s SAMETSUZ IN A FRANKLE  Striking bitch with such a pretty head. Lovely dark eyes and soft expression.  Classic racy outline, presented in gleaming coat and condition.  Good reach of neck, deep chested with spring of rib. Well balanced with no exaggeration in any department.  Nice tight feet with well arched toes. Moved soundly with reach and drive. 2 Howatson’s  RIVERMAN ROYAL ROSA AT VANDERS JW  Have often admired this bitch from the ringside and was delighted to have the opportunity to go over her, she didn’t disappoint on close inspection. Racy, feminine bitch with good angulation front and rear. Plenty of forechest and depth of chest. Moved soundly. 3 Gardner’s THENDARA JOCASTA Another quality bitch. Well constructed with plenty of coat to finish the picture. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, following through her correct topline and tailset. Good width of thigh. Moved well.


1 Holley’s SH CH WYNJILL WELL KNOWN JW  This was such a difficult class with 4 very different bitches all of great quality.  Loved this girl’s outline, really caught my eye. Oozes quality. Presented in beautiful coat and condition.  Very attractive head with sweet expression. Good reach of neck, balanced outline with excellent angulation throughout. Moved very well, flowing soundly around the ring. Reserve CC and on the decision of the referee Reserve best in show. 2 Naylor & Morrison’s BARDONHILL SINGING SKIES OVER ANLORY JW  A very attractive bitch and another classy mover. Lovely reach of neck,  correct topline. Well bodied with plenty of spring of rib. Lovely  tight feet with well arched toes. Well muscled,. 3 Waterton’s SH CH LYNWOOD KISSED BY AN ANGEL AT SANDSTREAM JW SHCM  Feminine bitch with lovely balanced outline and stylish, sound movement using her tail well. Good angulation front and rear, straight front with good forechest.


1 Anthony’s STARATLANTA’S FIRE QUEEN JW  Nice in outline and on the move. Low set ears, good topline and tailset. Good hindquarters. 2 Jones’ GWENDARIFF NUTMEG Mature 14 month old bitch. Carrying too much weight but with a lovely outline and well constructed. Moved well. 3 Lewis DANAWAY LOVE ME TENDER Pretty head and eye, straight front.

Gwynneth Vanderbilt Memorial Open Class for Members Bitch

1 Middleton’s TREBEURDEN TEMPTRESS Stood alone, but pretty bitch with sweet head. Good hindquarters.  


Cheryl Stevenson

Brace 5,2

1  Broadgate.  A very well matched pair of refined, elegant, dark- coated bitches, well -presented in immaculate condition. They were in sparkling form as they moved soundly around the ring with their tails lashing and in perfect synchronisation with each other and their handler. A pleasure to watch and judge.

2. Fox. Another well- matched pair of bitches both with the sweetest of expressions. They moved happily and soundly together with good co-ordination and in harmony with their handler. Very well presented in good condition.

3 Russell. A well-matched pair of soundly constructed bitches with typical heads and soft expressions. One of the pair decided to exhibit her free spirit and do her own thing on the move today, despite the best efforts of her handler.


Junior Handling Class 6-11 years 1,1

Junior Handling Class 12 -16 years 1,0

 1 C.Webb.  A very confident, calm and assured performance of exemplar handling. This young handler set the highest of standards with her sensitive and highly competent handling  of a young bitch who was rather unsettled on the day. Despite the challenge presented, the handler persisted to stand  her exhibit in just the right position to show off her attributes to advantage. Handler and dog moved together in harmony to complete a perfect triangle and demonstrated well-co- ordinated movement in a straight line. This young lady should be very proud of her achievements in the ring and we should all be thankful and proud to see such up and coming young talent in our breed. Well done, Catherine.


Lynn Morris, Brinara/Minsterlands