Championship Show 2014

Gilbertson & Page generously supported our Championship Show with special prizes of their top of the range Heritage Complete Food for every class winner with additional supplies for Best in Show, Reserve, Best Puppy and Best Veteran. Gilbertson & Page have held the Royal Warrant since 1884 and are known for their Gilpa and Dr John ranges. The new Heritage range is specifically produced for working and sporting dogs and is therefore free of VAT.

Saturday 19th April 2014

Severn Hall Three Counties Showground


Dogs Mrs D. Milligan-Bott (Thendara)  Bitches Mrs V. King (Brenrue)

Referee Mrs G. Ross (Autumnglow)

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show 

Stewart & Ritchie-Smith's Sh. Ch. Gwendariff Whippersnapper J.W.


Sh. Ch. and Irish Sh. Ch. Gwendariff Fuzzy Pop J.W.


Best Puppy Drinkwater's Brabrook Bippity Boppity

Best Veteran Sh. Ch. and Irish Sc. Ch Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna



Critique Dogs

Thank you to The Irish Setter Club of Wales for inviting me to judge at their show and to all Exhibiters for the affording me the opportunity & honour of judging your Dogs.

It was satisfying to find dogs in every class, which had attributes I was seeking in an Irish setter, and I was extremely pleased with my winners in the challenge.


1ST Condrons/aitkin/pullen. COVARNEY FLAPJACK. Loved this dark thickly coated, beautifully presented 6 month old at his first show. He was so balanced, stands confidently on a terrific front with good development to depth and quarters with well turned stifle, neat feet, really steady on the move using his tail & carrying his head so proudly, adorable expression loved him. BPD

2.Hopewells BERFIELD KALIF AT DAVSET. Another very nice one not dissimilar to 1st well presented and handled, very nice head, again true in front, with a balanced outline, although not the angulation to quarters of the 1st he moves out well using his hocks & tail, which I liked.



1.MACAULAY.CASKEYS MISCHIEF OF STYLERSETT. Very impressive 10mnth old his balanced well-angulated frame, presents a racy outline and classic picture, he has a well-shaped head with sweet expression, a top quality boy who should have a bright future. I liked him very much.

2.DRINKWATER.BRABROOK SHAZALAZOO Close up and unlucky to meet 1st quality pup with much to admire, good clean outline, slightly longer through the loin than 1, liked his head and the way he carried himself moving, again using his tail.

3.Hopewells.Berfield Kalif at Davsett.


1st & BVIS. MCLARNON. SH.CH.Ir.SH.CH. NORTHAMBER JUST CAUSE FOR GLENAVNA JW. This dog oozes quality presented in glamorous coat & standing proudly over his ground looking every inch the Champion. I remember awarding him BP at his first show and over the years he has made competition at the top as it should be, hard! Today I felt ‘under the hand’ he had to concede top honours to younger animals, which is not a fault just a natural process! Thank you he is a credit to our Breed.

2.Mcneal/BOYD-MCNEIL.GLENCARRON SHAKATAK. Unlucky to meet 1, a super boy presented in excellent body & coat condition. Standing he is balanced & un exaggerated, good shaped head with nice finish to muzzle, dark kind eyes, liked his depth of chest. Handled to perfection & he moved out well

3/Rorke.CATALUNA CAPTIVATIONE TO ZAKHAN, Lovely white-faced gentleman, who shows off his driving movement beautifully.



1. POWIS. AMBERWAVE FANTABULOUS.. Dark coated youngster who Presents an unexaggerated clean balanced outline. Stands firmly over his ground, topline

flows from a well shaped head to the end of his tail. His movement is true in every direction with good tail action. Just right for his age with much promise.

2.WIGFALLS.ANLORY. GAMEKEEPER. Close up to 1 & lots to like, not as mature yet in body as 1, shown in great coat & condition, preferred his expression, moved well but with naughty bits!



A mixed class with the dogs at very different stages of development.

1.MEADOWS. GWENDARIFF THE BIG ATTRACTION JW. Well handled and presented in fine coat & condition, I liked this medium sized young man very much, clean & racy in outline well angulated shoulder & quarters, stands on a true straight front, excellent topline & tailset, free correct movement.

2. BYARD. CATALUNA SOME LIKE IT HOT. Close up & also good in conformation, nice shape to head, with low set ears. Smaller frame but every part flowed together, moved out very well when settled.




2/GWENDARIFF THE RINGMASTER. Gave his handler a hard time!, liked his type & quality he has a really lovely head & expression, moved ok.




2/GWENDARIFF PADDY POWER GLENAVNA. Was in numerous classes and quite unsettled, but here looking more relaxed and showing off his attributes, a nicely made boy with a good head & expression who moved ok in here.



1.COX. TIROEN TOO HOT TO HANDLE JW. Took this class easily, a lovely boy with a good head & kind dark eye, he’s well made & up to size but not overdone, good shape he stands well over his front, stifles are well let down, he’s slightly long in the loin but he flows over the top line without break. His owner must be complimented in handling & presenting him as a serious contender for championship competition.

2.CHILDS.TREDURA NEVARDA KNIGHT. A nice typy boy in lovely coat with lots of feathering, not as rangy as 1, liked his head in profile, good angulation fore & aft, needs a little more weight & body condition. Moved ok.

3.gwendariff paddy power glenavna


Pleasure to judge this class, I especially liked the first three in this class very much, they all presented slightly differently, but they all proved they could move correctly, which was very nice to see!

1. RUTHERFORDS .CLONAGEERA KINROSS LOVE BAROLO (IMP.USA) Have admired him from the ringside before and enjoyed going over him, a top notch dog, good shaped head with low set ears excellent depth of chest, plenty of heart room, well laid shoulders, strong gently sloping topline, good width across the croup, stifles well let down, liked the width to his second thigh, all squarely supported on neat hocks, his coat is medium chestnut of correct texture with good feathering for his age, on the move he finds another level, obvious good reach & drive, he has that something extra in the style department which commands a double take & secured this win.

2. NAYLOR/MORRISON/GREENAN. ANLORY KELTIC BLUE SKY. Another I have often admired, and top quality all through, loved his head & expression stands on a good straight front excellent flowing topline, longer all through than 1 with great strength & power to his well developed quarters. Presented in beautiful dark coat with enough feathering he was an absolute pleasure to watch powering around the ring.

3. ROSE-HAY/ARGARD. APPLEGROVE WALLANDER WITH CATALUNA. Completed this trio of excellent dogs. Loved his head & expression, he feels a quality dog under hand flowing from his well made front over a well sprung rib cage into well angulated quarters which he drives off with such power, if anything he’s still a little behind the above in maturity which showed very slightly on the move, all hair splitting stuff!


Super class hotly contended, much to like about many

1.BOUTTELL. IXIA JOSIAH AT MERRYBORNE A quality boy of medium size, handled & presented to perfection in fine coat & condition, beautiful head with low set ears and kind eye. He’s very balanced with very good angles to shoulder & rear assembly. Although a more compact dog than usually appeals to me, his long neck & correct set on of tail ensures his raciness. However, its on the move this dog excels, his handler understood what was required and helped the dog deliver! True up & back, he has great reach & drive, lashing tail action, & proud head carriage, presenting a super extended profile & side gait. Close up top honours!

2.STOCKTONS. GWENDARIFF DR PEPPER. Taller boy, liked his soft expression & very low set ears, again presented in super coat & hard condition & discretely handled to advantage.. He has an upstanding outline slightly exaggerated in neck length but flows well into a true front from point of shoulder to nice length of pastern, ribs well sprung. Firm topline. Moves out really well pushing off strong quarters, with correct tail action.\

3. WALSH.MILLCROFT CHASE THE MOON, The least mature but staked was an appealing shape & type. Dark coated, I liked his rangy-ness, scored in head top line & strong well-angulated quarters. He looks & feels a quality dog, although sometimes a little erratic his movement was purposeful & eye-catching.


1. MARMOL. POLMENNOR FUN IN THE SUN. Although unplaced in the previous class, he is very eycatching, quite tall he has a well-balanced upstanding outline unexaggerated; he holds his head with his nose slightly upwards standing & moving which is elegantly attractive. Moved nicely with correct tail action.

2.PENFORD.MILLCROFT STORM ON THE MOON. Nice type with a lovely head. Well let down stifle, neat feet and good tailset. Moved ok.


1.FARNDELL.CORDARRAGH REMBRANDT. Headed a quality class. A beautiful boy full of quality & breed type. I loved his outline flowing from his beautiful well shaped head true straight front excellent firm topline wide across the croup with well set on tail, he’s deep through the chest with plenty of sternum, ribs well sprung loin is moderate & strong, excellent turn of stifle, he stands easily over his ground on neat feet. He moved freely with good front extension & drive. In the challenge gave an excellent account of himself & won the res.CC in strong competition.

2.ROSE-HAY. CATALUNA RUBINGA. Beautiful boy who today was unlucky to meet 1. Of medium size, in good coat with plenty of good quality feathering, he possess a terrific head with beautiful soft expression, with raised brow, nice finish to muzzle. Long neck flows into a good topline, stands well over his front, well-angulated quarters complete the picture, and again he moves with correct action using his tail.


Lovely headed dog well up for size & upstanding in shape, presented in beautiful coat & condition, nicely made & scores in front assembly, couldn’t match the above for drive & extension on the move.


1.STEWART/RITCHIE-SMITH. SH.CH.GWENDARIFF WHIPPERSNAPPER JW. I have admired this boy from the ringside, & provides tough competition, he was an absolute pleasure to judge. Presented to the highest standard by this exhibitor who was in the enviable position of taking home both CC’s. In beautiful dark coat with complimentary silky feathering. Lovely head with good length & finish to muzzle, low set ears, neck is strong and nicely arched flows into a gently sloping topline with correct tailset, he’s deep through the chest, strong in the loin & wide over the croup., when viewed over the back is shapely, nothing ‘slab sided’ or ‘shelly’ about him. Moved out well looking every bit the Champion. CC & BIS Congratulations.



Dee Milligan-Bott


MPB (10,2)

1.       Covarney Cupcake

2.       Meadway Mable

3.       Staratlanta’s Fire Queen

4.       Zakhan’s Scarlett Ribbons

5.       Berfield Kaitlyn joins Anlory


PB (9,2)

1.       Brabrook Bippity Boppity

2.       Heathclare Que Sera Sera

3.       Seowns Seaspray

4.       Meadway Mable

5.       Staratlanta’s Fire Queen


VB (7)

1.       Hartsbourne Hyacinth

2.       AmCh Witchbrooke Clonageera Corot (Imp USA)

3.       Aubanjon Evening Mist

4.       Lynwood Theme Song for Polmennor

5.       Melmara Mezza Luna


JB (6,3)

1.       Tiroen To The Manor Born JW

2.       Amberwave Feather

3.       Gwendariff Hidden Rainbow


YB (11,4)

1.       Brinara Vanity Fair JW

2.       Romarne One Night Only

3.       Aubanjon Royal Symphony

4.       Seowns Blossom

5.       Lynwood Full Of Grace at Polmennor


MB (4,2)

1.       Gwendariff Hidden Rainbow

2.       Zakhan’s Scarlett Ribbons


NB (7,4)

1.       Aubanjon Royal Symphony

2.       Gwendariff Hidden Rainbow

3.       Romarne Orlaith


UGB (10,1)

1.       Deevonville Carmen Miranda Imeasc Kylenoe

2.       Summertime Blues for Covarney

3.       Lynwood Full Of Grace at Polmennor

4.       Zakhan’s Zippy at Seowns

5.       Cataluna Betcha By Golly Wow



GB (8,2)

1.       Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy

2.       Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss among Margretwoods JW

3.       Melmara Minervois

4.       Glenlaine Pink Cadillac at Bardonhill

5.       Atron Unlimited Dreams at Lymish


PGB (10,3)

1.       Covarney Annabelle with Hopstone

2.       Brinara Briet

3.       Gwendariff In With A Bang

4.       Polmennor For Fun

5.       Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley


MLB (8,2)

1.       Severnvale High Class Babe JW

2.       Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara JW ShCM

3.       Colanme Morgana

4.       Covarney Lill Madam

5.       Balintyne Foreign Affair


LB (7,1)

1.       Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders

2.       Cataluna Precious P

3.       Balintyne Luck Be A Lady

4.       Derrydore Woodlark

5.       Riverman Beat The Boys


OB (4,1)

1.       ShChIrShCh Gwendariff Fizzy Pop JW

2.       Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW ShCM

3.       Hunnicote Bracken Sweetie


SBB (4,1)

1.       Seowns Bracken

2.       Romarne Orlaith

3.       Lynwood Just For Larks


Gwynneth Vanderbilt Memorial Class (4,1)

1.       Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW ShCM

2.       Cataluna Betcha By Golly Wow