Championship Show 19th April 2009


Jane Mugford (Bitches)

Elaine Wall (Dogs)



Best in Show and Best Bitch

Hunter & Brown's Sh Ch Braidmont Geisha Girl

Best in Show Hunter & Brown's Sh Ch Braidmont Geisha Girl Reserve Best in Show Bouttell's Ixia Genevieve

With Judges Elaine Wall and Jane Mugford, Referee Greta Ross, Chairman John Vant, Secretary Peter Rowlands

 and Show Manager Cliff Yates

Best Puppy in Show Chorley Newton & Chorley's Kerryfair Snowfox

Best Dog in Show Sheldon's Delsanto Isaac J.W.

Best Veteran Milligan & Bott's Sh.Ch Thendara Don Corleone

Best Minor Puppy Bitch Walsh's Millcroft Ballad of the Moon


Critique      Bitches


There were quite a few bitches overweight & good small feet with arched toes were in the minority. Also I would of liked to have seen more showing the true Irish spirit on the move. On the plus side most heads were pleasing & coats were presented in clean condition & I found several quality exhibits to fill the awards.


Minor Puppy (6,1abs) 1st Walsh's Millcroft Ballad Of The Moon, lovely typy puppy, nicely moulded head, dark eyes, well bodied & boned & excellent depth for one so young, shoulders well angulated, well bent stifles, pleasing outline, thick dark coat,  sympathetically handled to bring out the best in her, sound but needs a little more confidence on the move. I shall watch her career with interest. 2nd Tuite's Porschet Pearlita, pretty feminine bitch, good reach of neck flowing into gently sloping topline finished with correct tailset, moved well with drive, would prefer neater feet. 3rd Henson's Millcroft Moon Gypsy For Tatsbro, litter sister to 1st but out of a different mould. nevertheless a pretty girl with dark expressive eyes, good bone & feet, well angulated front & back, moved Ok but I think would go better if she carried less weight.


Puppy (12 ) 1st Hunter/ Brown's Braidmount Midnight Lady, lovely balanced puppy, dark eyes, strong bone & good depth of brisket, well made in shoulders & hindquarters, shows reach of neck & gently sloping topline, nice finish to croup & tailset, moves very well with the same easy stride as her mother. Best puppy bitch.  2nd Robert's Polmennor Willow Pattern, close decision & preferred this one in head & expression, lovely reach of neck, more elegant in outline, moved very well with plenty of drive, needs to develop a little more depth, she was unlucky in all her classes to come up against more finished exhibits. 3rd Chorley-Newton/ Chorley's Kerryfair Red Evie, pleasing head but would prefer a little more stop, scores well in angulation & reach of neck, good bone, moved steadily, not so good over the croup as those above nor as her litter brother who I thought was gorgeous & was very happy to agree to him being best Puppy in Show.


Veteran (5, 2abs) 1st Townsend's Sh Ch Follidown Red Hot Poker JW, lovely lean head with dark expressive eyes & just the right amount of stop. Straight front, good length of neck,  strong topline, plenty of depth to body, moved steadily. 2nd Martin's Ixia Tabitha, pretty head dark eyes, well angulated shoulders, good reach of neck, strong hindquarters with well turned stifles, movement a little bit loose. 3rd Douthwaite/ Wharfe's Gracewood Show Stopper, handler did not know I was writing a report on 3rd's & left the ring to prepare her next exhibit but from memory, moved well, correctly made but just not carrying her years so lightly as above.


Junior (17,4abs) 1st King's Kirkavagh Ivanjica, pretty lean head, dark eyes, arched neck into well laid shoulders, good return of upperarm, equally well angulated hindquarters, well developed in brisket & a super topline & tailset, moved well. In outstanding coat & condition, mature for her age & won her classes easily but in the challenge looked  young, as of course she should. 2nd Meadows/ Richie's Gwendarriff Miss Whiplash JW, pretty head & expression, very good reach of neck fitting well into angulated shoulders, strong hindquarters producing sound driving movement. Built on clean lines with lovely silky coat.  3rd Muir's Romarne Delilah, rangier bitch needing more time,  feminine in head with dark eyes & low set ears, excellent reach of neck into good shoulders, lovely quarters & outline.


Yearling (14,4abs) 1st Meadow/Richie's G. Miss Whiplash JW,  2nd Milligan-Bott/ Bott's Thendara Capriati, loved her well chiselled head, lovely finish to muzzle, low set ears. Preferred her standing to the winner, excellent neck & shoulders & gently sloping topline but lost out slightly on lack of drive from the rear. 3rd Walsh's Moon Bella Of Millcroft, lovely type, strong bone, deep in brisket, well angulated shoulders & hindquarters, firm topline & correct tailset. Moved just a little loose in front.


Maiden (16, 7abs) 1st Walsh's Millcroft Moon Shimmer, this breeder is certainly producing a lovely type of Irish, this one had an exquisite head & expression, low set ears. Strong bone right down through the pasterns. Excellent shoulders, well bent stifles, lovely strong quarters, very good topline & lovely textured coat. Wondered why she was in this class until afterwards I learnt it was her 1st show. My only criticism is she needs a bit more confidence on the move, certainly worth campaigning.   2nd Robert's P Willow Pattern, 3rd Blackshaw's Lanstara Elegant Ethel, beautiful fine head, plenty of depth, well angulated quarters, pleasing coat, not showing herself off to advantage.


Novice (16,8abs) 1st King's K. Ivanjica, 2nd Robert's P. Willow Pattern, 3rd Blackshaw's L Elegant Ethel.


Undergraduate (15, 3abs) 1st King's K. Ivanjica, 2nd Muir's R Delilah, 3rd Robert's  P. Willow Pattern.


Graduate (15,4abs) 1st  Hall's Glennara Lehana JW,  pretty head, low set ears, well boned, again right down through the front pasterns, straight front, good reach of neck, presents a lovely outline finished off with good tail carriage, In lovely coat & condition. 2nd Mortimer/ Condron's Covarney Coco, not as mature even though I see a bit older,  but a beautiful bitch, pleasing head with dark eyes, excellent shoulders, topline & hindquarters, in stunning dark coat. Moved very well with plenty of drive. A litter & 12months should see her blossom.

3rd Gardner's Carnbargus Contemplation JW, beautiful head & expression, low set ears, lovely neck into well laid shoulders, deep in brisket, In gleaming condition & moved well, just not as pleasing over the croup.


Post Graduate ( 20,4abs) 1st Robert's Polmennor For Pleasure, lovely balanced head, dark expressive eyes, low set ears, excellent neck flowing into topline, excellent conformation throughout, good bone, lovely condition, free active movement. 2nd Naylor / Morrison's Anlory  Carenza JW,  not so appealing in head but lovely outline, good bone & depth, strong hindquarters, lovely tailset, moved very well. 3rd Chorley-Newton / Chorley's Outfoxed By Kerryfair JW, love her head, dark eyes and raised brows giving quizzical expression, good neck & shoulders, sound but a bit lazy on the move,  have done well for her before but she is not the finished picture yet.


Mid Limit (8, 4abs) Small but a  real headache of a class. 1st Ciechonska's Coppers Champagne Bubble At Aoibheanne JW, my notes just say "love her standing - everything. Very sluggish". That just about sums it up. In my eyes she is all I want in an Irish Setter, beautiful head, text book angulations, straight front, good bone & feet, flowed from her nose to the tip of her tail, enough coat in good condition. Most importantly balanced throughout. I decided to weigh all this up against her reluctance to stride out & still considered her the best in the class. 2nd Condron's Scotselaw Memphis Belle At Covarney, pretty head, lovely reach of neck but  does not flow into her shoulders as I would like. Moved ok, certainly with more verve than 1st but a little wide in front & loses her topline a touch. In excellent coat & condition. 3rd Wilkins Margretswood Kitty Cat JW, pretty elegant bitch, arched neck, good angulations, lovely topline. Rather close behind on the move.


Limit ( 13,1abs)  1st Bouttell's Ixia Genevieve, an elegant bitch with a lovely lean head & low set ears. Straight front, good reach of neck , flowing topline, lovely sweep to stifle, won the class on her movement which was free flowing & active. Very close up in the challenge, just felt she could do with a more developed second thigh but I see is only 3years old & I was only nit-picking at that stage. Reserve CC &  RBIS,  2nd Heron's Caskeys Happy Hour JW, recently crowned & a worthy titleholder, lovely feminine head, good bone, excellent depth of brisket, well angulated front & back, holds her topline well. In lovely condition. Moved well. 3rd Evans Goldings Silver Sixpence, neat little bitch, full of quality, extremely well made throughout, correct topline, excellent freeflowing movement with plenty of drive. This was a hotly contested class & any of these three would of been worthy winners.


Open ( 4,1abs ) 1st Hunter/Brown's Sh Ch Braidmount Geisha Girl, classic head, excels in arched neck, straight front, excellent shoulders & hindquarters, well boned, strong topline, complimented by correctly carried tail. I love her balance with nothing exaggerated. Moves with freedom & accuracy. Lovely textured coat with just the right amount of feathering. Have previously awarded her a res.CC, today it gave me pleasure to go one better with the CC, & in agreement with my co-judge BIS.  2nd Naylor/ Morrison's Sh Ch Anlory Valpolicella JW, lovely head, straight front, good bone, her outline is a picture. Have seen her in better coat. Moved very well here & in the challenge for Best Veteran Bitch which she won. 3rd Meadows / Richie's Clonageera Rhapsody, another quality bitch, long lean head, low set ears, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, in lovely condition, moved well.


Special Beginners (6, 2abs ) 1st Carr's Jonola Sparkles Bright Over Laumidorn, pretty head, dark eyes, low set ears, neck flows into topline, well bent stifles, moved well, in lovely dark coat. 2nd Robert's P. Willow Pattern,  3rd Wiggins Kirwilldale Affinity, nice long & lean head, well boned, good shoulders, well anguated hindquarters, movement a bit erratic.


Gwynneth Vanderbilt Memorial Open ( 2,1abs) 1st Roberts' P For Pleasure.


Jane Mugford ( Judge)

Critique Dogs


First of all I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this one of my favourite shows. and I thank the exhibitors for a lovely entry. 

I find that the movement of the dogs leaves a lot to be desired What has happened to the dogs driving off good strong hocks showing the pads of the rear feet.I found only 2 bad mouths and no sign of entropian.

I was pleased to award Sheldons Delsanto Isaac CC and best Dog and Botts Bardonhill Ginger Whinger RCC

Minor Puppy 5/

1 Knivetons Feyincy Beachcomber, lovely shape to head with dark eye , pronounced  occiput ,good front angulation correct tail set .a bit eratic on the move but actual movement ok

   2Rorkes Cataluna PolePosition, lovely dark eye with wistful expression, good angulation front and rear, a good little mover

  3Kings Severnvale High Tide via Brenrue,much more masculine in head ,kind eye Straight  in front and good  rear angulation, short straight hocks fair bend of stifle moved ok

Puppy 15/2

1,Chorley and Newton ,Kerryfair Snow Fox ,a lovely puppy ,good shape of head nice expression, dark eye, compact dog not overdone ,correct angulation thro’out,lovely length of neck progressing to good lay of shoulder, nice in rear and tail set ,good bend of stifle and short straight hocks .moved well BP in Show well deserved

2 Smiths Reddins Louis another well built puppy  same comments apply ,nice dark coat ,lovely eye and good shape to head,,good length of back ,correct hock and stifle, change of handler spoofed him a bit on the move

3 Walters, Deneil Breakfast in Bed a different type of puppy but still everything in the right place, if anything will be more elegant when he grows up I shall watch with interest 

  Veteran 7/2

 1 Milligan and Bott Thendara Don Corleone, what a treasure of a veteran,9 plus years, just going grey,

What can I  say about this dog that hasn’t been said before,he is a handsome male, lovely conformation beautiful head and still enjoying his showing and he can certainly can show the younger boys  how to move

2 Fosters Shanoah Highly Delighted,a very different shape to 1 but sound in all quarters another good mover I cant believe he is nearly 10

3 Wilkins Travlin Light, Much leaner head ,good reach of neck ,good body proportions and angulation throughout ,true movement

Junior 15/3

1 Muirs Romarne Dwayne, as juniors go this must be one of the best now he is calming down,altho still looking as mischievous,excellent confirmation lovely arched neck fitting into well laid shoulders ,straight front,deep chest , nice sloping topline,moved steadily

    2 Botts Anlory Get Smart with Bardonhill, Well constructed throughout ,lovely head with well defined occiput ,dark eye with  soft expression, good set to the croup moved well

   3 Gwendariffe Mr. Noticeme,head correct  with good stop ,dark eye, well made dog, nice in neck and shoulders just beat his brother in the length of neck and maturity


1 Milligan and BottsThendara Kramer I loved this dog first time I noticed him,absolutely lovely shoulder hangulation ,elbows well tucked in nice arched neck , ample deep chest good bend of stifle and short hocks ,great mover,  one to watch in the future

 2,Hunters and Brown Shenanigan Scholar with Braidmont  a bit broader in skull than 1.kind expression good angulation  front and rear, strong quarters thereby good movement

3Naylor Morrison Anlory Bonardo JW longer cast than 1and2 ,lovely chiselled head and quizzical expression ,.Good depth of brisket and well developed 2nd thigh but unfortunately rather a fidget

Maiden 14/1

1Botts Anlory get Smart with Bardonhill 2Barker Bell  Balintyne Wish me Luck lovely young lad just lost out to maturity in previous class everything in the right place ,lovely neck and shoulder placement no lumps or bumps  3 Kerryfair Snowfox 

Novice 13/1

1Anlory get Smart,2 Balintyne Wish me Luck 3 Kerryfair Snowfox

Undergraduate 13/1

1Anlory get Smart,2,Balintyne Wish me Luck 3 Davis MoynaSummerbreeze at Corribeg well built boy who I have not seen for a while nice head,,good hard condition maturing well, movement ok

Graduate 10/2

 1 Naylor and Morrison Bardonhill Bardolino by Anlory, well constructed masculine head but not too heavy ,elegant length of neck ,deep in brisket, plenty of heart room.

 2 Carters Kerrimere Just Rumours , kind expression ,carrying too much weight ,good in angulation well muscled hind quarters ,good tail set.

3 Browns Caskeys Hazard a bit of a struggle to start but settled to show his sound conformation and beautiful head lovely low set ears and such expressive eyes

Post Graduate 17/5

1Botts Bardonhill Ginger Whinger JW ,I have watched this dog from a puppy and he is now showing his full potential .Absolutely gorgeous head and quizzical expression ,low set ears good length of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders ,good front angulation deep chest short in loin straight short hocks good bend of stifle well developed second thigh, neat feet and moved well RCC

2 Cardwells Lanstara Heart of a Star a different type of dog to 1 but full of quality ,lighter in colour, nice shape to head ,good angulation fore and aft short in loin moved ok

3 Knivetons Serrula Playaround beautifully presented ,masculine head ,excellent neck flowing into well placed shoulders, nice length of back well muscled rear ,good tail set moved well

Mid Limit 10/

1Hillocks Spirit of the South to Jonola  won this class with ease ,striking outline good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders good depth of rib ,powerful rear short in loin ,nice neat feet ,good in stifle and hocks ,moved beautifully considered for top honours

2Buchans Loskeran Jitterbug,Sh Ch. I have watched him grow up with interest ,couldn’t fault his conformation ,smooth progression from neck to withers nice length of back ,powerful hindquarters which helped to make him one of the best movers

3Holehan and North Erinade Star Wars not so good in neck and shoulders as 2  but couldn’t fault him in any other way ,good conformation pleasant head and expression just not on top form today

Limit 22/3

What a wonderful class ,so many lovely dogs I would have liked a lot more cards

1 Sheldons Delsanto Isaac ,this dog just stood out for me at first glance .Stylish, well balanced  no exagerations ,plenty of work in a head of pleasing proportions.Slightly arched neck set  smoothly into shoulders,good angulation  and just the right length of back.Firm croup with tail set correct.Well muscled hind quarters ,well developed second thigh short straight hocks good feet.Moved true Pleased to award him the CC and Best Dog.

2Roffeys,DanawayLancelot of Autumnwood,this dog has matured nicely and is always so well handled,Beautiful head with that quizzical expression, quality from the top of his head to the tip of his tail.Good spring of rib and strong in loin correct tail set,. moved beatifully His day will soon come. 

3Sturrocks,Forfarian Goodfellow another quality exhibit  a little more masculine in head with good stop, nice sloping top line, well muscled rear quarters moved well with lashing tail

Open 9/

1 Ciechonska, Sh.Ch.Caskeys Concept at Aoibheanne JW, When you get through the coat you find a  well constructed dog. unable to fault this in any way, beautiful head and expression, well ribbed back to strong loin ,the sort of feet that he should pass on to his offspring ,moved as a true Irish.

2 Baileys Covarney Monello, one I have done well for before. Very different than 1,dripping in silky smooth gleaming coat which does not hide the true conformation of the dog absolutely stunning. Moved soundly

3 Smiths Reddins Pause at Magiconkers, very impressive dog ,good construction with good angulation throughout Typical head from this Kennel,lovely expression, perhaps would benefit from a little more trimming round the neck to help him compete with the other well trimmed exhibits and as ever his  movement depends on the runner  

Special Beginners 5

1Jones  Hunnicote Heatherman lost out in his previous class not settling on the move and maturity but seems better now good front angulation

2Gardners Riquitta Authentic A lovely looking dog just a shame that the competition was so strong .Lovely strong back end on this dog,

3 Booths Kirwilldale Beethoven a nice but immature dog will probably do better later

Alan Vanderbilt Memorial Stakes 5

These two dogs just met with strong competition in their previous classes

1 Cohens Caisperns Vilette with Shushana JW Sh CM  Lovely dark coat shown in tip top condition ,pleasing head,well angulated shoulders, moved well

2 Stocktons Kespas Innuendo Handsome upstanding dog ,free moving, lovely head and expression

3Cataluna Captivation to Zakhan much smaller dog but beatifully made, moved correctly.

                            Judge Elaine Wall