Northern Open Show 2010

Critique and Results

Best In Show Swainston's Glenvarna Himself  JW  Reserve Best In Show  Bailey's SH Ch Covarney Monello JW Sh CM (Held by our Judge Zorana McDonagh), Best Puppy Bailey's Glencarron Skye  Best Opposite Roberts' Colanme Confection


I would like to thank exhibitors for such a quality entry, beautifully turned out on the whole



1.      Swainston's Glenvarna Givenchy - 9 months old won this class with ease, he is
quite outstanding, lovely balanced head, long low ear set, soft melting expression,
good length of neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, strong hindquarters, not over
angulated, stylish mover with lashing tail. Nice neat feet.

2.      Wall's Hazelbeck Phantom gold- 8 months old, not the head of one at present but
lots of work to develope. Well made front, arched neck set into good shoulders,
good width of quarters, moved well.

3.  Gwilliam's & Bozer's Millcroft Poachers Moon -10 months old quality young
dog, well balanced head, true Irish expression, refined skull, elegant clean outline,
straight front, tight feet. Moved well.


1.      Res. Best Dog, Res.BIS, Best Vet in Show. Bailey's ShCh Covarney Monello JW
SHCM - 9 years old. I have always like him, few could match the head, I was
pleased to award him the class. Looked wonderful for age. Moved positively and
soundly, true soft expression, raised brows, good neck & shoulders, strong quarters
and in super hard condition. A credit to his owners.

2.      Davies's Carnbargus Colarado -SYi yrs old. Beautifully balanced dog, nice head,
raised brows, low set ears, arched neck, firm topline, good hindquarters, moved

3.  Rose-Hay's & Gaul's Cataluna Nickel'N'Dime one week short of 9 yrs old, sound,
well constructed dog, deep chest, strong wide quarters, good topline, moved well.

JUNIOR (7.1a)

1.      Greenan's Anlory The Living Daylights Over Juleset - handsome young dog,
refined head, raised brows, melting expression, low set ears, good depth of brisket,
good strong well angulated quarters, moved with drive.

2.  Butler 's Gracewood Take By Storm Ruby moon. Preferred head of winner, but a
promising boy, with good length of neck, straight front, well balanced, moved

3.  Gwilliam's & Bozer's Millcroft Tinkers Moon - Elegant dog, with clean outline,
no coarseness, lovely head & expression, arched neck, good shoulders, good width of
quarters, moved well.


1.      Danks-Keraish's Sametsuz On Cue Alolfran - have liked this youngster since saw
him at the ringside & he did not disappoint today. Very nice head with plenty of
work, raised brow, refined skull, low set ears, melting expression, arched neck into
well laid shoulders, good width of quarters, moved with drive.

2.  Butler 's GTBS Ruby moon.

3.  Cohen's Brabrook Master Craftsman With Shushana - very raw youngster, only
8 months old but has that ruggedness, has the sweetest of heads, lovely eye shape &
colour, deep chest, good bone.


1.      Butler 's GTBS Ruby moon.

2.  Cohen's BMC Shushana


I.Butler's Covarney Wait'N'See Ruby moon - Well balanced boy, with nice head, showing raised brows, pleasing outline, good depth of brisket & spring of rib, straight front, moved well.

LIMIT (6.1a)

1.      Best Dog & Best In Show - Swainston's Glenvarna Himself JW - Very stylish eye
catching dog, lovely to go over, beautifully presented, lovely balanced head, dark
eyes, raised brows, low ear set, good length of neck, good width of quarters, well
muscled, plenty of Rib, looked an absolute picture on the move, presented and
performed to perfection.

2.      Stockton's Kespas Infrared JW - Unfortunate to meet 1st today, they could easily
change the places another time. Lovely head & expression with gentle dark eye,
correctly sloping top line, well angulated shoulders, good in upper arm, deep & well
ribbed, strong arched loin, correct over croup, tail set well, moved good.

3.  Cohen's Caispern Vilette With Shushana JW - quality dog, elegant racy outline,
nice head & expression. Not as mature as 1 & 2. His time will come.

OPEN ( 1)

1. Stockton 's Kespas Innuendo - Beautifully moulded head and dark melting eyes. Has flowing outline, well boned, tight feet, well first & second thigh. Moved well.


1.      BPIS - Bailey's Glencarron Skye - One day short of 7 months old, what a
delightful type puppy, lovely lean head with expressive eyes, clean over the neck &
shoulders, good body & neat feet. She was in gleaming coat & condition. I wish her
well for the future & I wish she was mine.

2.  Swainston's Glenvarna Garbo Another promising baby 9 months old, well
bodied, neat feet & pleasing head, correct neck & shoulders, well anguiated rear
quarters, moved well.

3.  Jones's Cilcain Grecian Copper - 9 months old, very much a baby with nice head
& sweet expression. Good ribs, good angulation in quarters, moved nicely.

VETERAN (3, la)

1.      Best Vet Bitch - Waterton's Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW ScCM -
9 yrs old elegant bitch, lovely well chiselled head & kind eye. Balanced overall with
good shoulders & quarters. Sound mover.

2.      Stephenson's Lochlorien Miss Marples Cops Andley - Slightly longer cast than 1st
but elegant. Lovely neck & topline, wide quarters which she used well moving.

JUNIOR (6.2a)

1.       Walsh's Millcroft Ballad Of The Moon - Lovely youngster, nice size & balanced
throughout. Pretty head with plenty of work in it, raised brows & expressive eyes.
Good front with plenty of forechest, good spring & depth of rib & width of quarters,
moved with drive.

2.   Blackshaw's Lanstara Lollipop - very unlucky to meet the winner in such bloom
but pressed very hard. Lovely quality with very pleasing head, excellent forehand,
well constructed with strong well muscled hind quarters, moved well.

3.   Hyslop's & Ritchie's Gwendariff Whata Showgirl - Elegant & well made girl of
good type. Attractive head with raised brows & dark eyes, well arched neck, good
quarters, moved well.


1.  Naylor's & Morrison's Anlory Carmenere JW lovely outline & very feminine
head, dark expressive eyes, excellent body properties, straight front, good forechest
& good angulation in upper arm. Strong well arched loin, moving with perfection.

2.  Gwilliam's & Bozer's Millcroft Moon Flame - Another well constructed with lots
to like. Very well balanced throughout, strong topline & good hind angulation,
stylish mover.

3. Douthwaite & Wharfe's Balintyne Lucky Charm For Gracewood - More mature looking bitch, unlucky to meet 1st & 2nd. Plenty of work in head, very well made with good angulation front & rear. Excellent rib cage & strong quarters. Good mover.


1.          Wall's Hazelbeck Pearlie Mae - Very elegant & racy, would lovely reach of neck,
good angulation front & rear. Very pleasing head with nice chiselling. Moved with
reach & drive.

2.    Douthwait & Wharfe's Gracewood Shannon - Nice bitch with dark eye & nice
head. Nice angulation moved ok,


1.      Res Best Bitch - Waterton's Lynwood Kissed by An Angel At Sandstream JW -1
have always liked her since I saw her at the ringside & I was pleased today when I
went over her. Beautiful head & lovely expression pressed hard for top honours. I
loved her height & reach whkh gave her the outline I so admire. Good front, deep
chest & sound rear quarters which enables her to move correctly. Rich dark coat.

2.  Naylor's & Morrison's Bardonhill Leaping Water Over Anlory - Well balanced
quality bitch, honest & well constructed with very pleasing head & expression. In
excellent show order, moved well. Unfortunate to meet the winner of the class.

3.  Wall's HP Mae.


1.      Best Bitch & BOS In Show - Robert's Colanme Confection -1 have liked her
before & I have not changed my mind. Upstanding well made, very good head &
expression, excellent forehand, strong well constructed body with excellent front &
quality bone, very pleasing outline with strong topline, sound positive mover.

2.  Russell's Melmara Mezza Luna - Another compact bitch, lovely head, eye &
expression, strong topline, arched neck into well laid shoulders, strong well
angulated quarters, moved well.

3.  Stevenson's Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW - Longer in body than 1
& 2. Overall well balanced, good spring of rib, sound in front & rear, neat feet.
Moved well.

Limit (5, 1a)

1.          Phillips Covarney Sesame - This bitch has really blossomed over the last year &
is a credit to her owner, she is extremely well presented & in hard condition,
feminine head with low ear set. Good bone & neat feet, good reach of neck, nice laid
back shoulders, good angulation front & rear. Well sprung ribs & good depth of
chest, moved well.

2.          Waterloo's & Dowle's Barleydale Honeymoon JW - Lovely quality bitch with a
very positive outline, very good head & excellent height & reach, excellent
construction throughout. Sound & positive on the move.

3.    Russell's Melmara Ruby Tuesday - Another well put together bitch. Pretty
head, good neck, shoulders & quarters, nice set tail which she used well when

OPEN (la)

 BRACE (2)

1.          Russell's Melmara Litter Sisters - Well matched & moved in unison

2.    Blackshaw's Lanstara Litter Sisters - Also well matched but preferred
movement of 1st.