Judge Mrs F. E. Barker

Best in Show Cohen's Caispern Lorenzo with Shushan JW ShCM Reserve  Berry & Morris's Brinara Vanity Fair JW

Best Veteran Cohen's Caispern Vilette With Sushana JW Sh CM Best Puppy Prangle's Heatclare Que Sera Sera


Special thanks to exhibitors and the ISCW committee for an enjoyable day at this friendly, well-run show. Despite the bad weather, I had well-filled classes with challenging decisions to make. Generally, conformation and balance was good although I was surprised to find a number of bitches to be quite substantial and heavier boned than I expected with heads that lacked refinement and the soft, feminine expression I love. Temperaments were as you would hope from this demonstrably affectionate breed and as movement defines the dog for me, I was pleased to see it was generally sound and there were very few gay tails .


P 3 (1a) 1 Prangle & Shaw-Rainey's Heathclare Old Glory, only seven months but very promising, well constructed with excellent shoulders and spring of rib, good top line and well balanced for his age. BPD. 2 Powis' Amberwave Fantabulous, longer in body and I preferred balance of 1 but good pup, with beautiful coat, kind expression and pleasing reach of neck. 3 Cohen's Aoibheanne's Rough Diamond with Shushana.

V 4 Lovely class owners can be proud of their golden oldies! 1 Cohen's Caispern Vilette with Shushana, 8-year-old presented in beautiful condition, steady mover holding his topline, strong hindquarters, sound and honest dog. BVIS 2 Wall's Cilcain Anything Goes to Hazelbeck, distinguished gentleman with glorious coat for a 9-year-old, attractive greying muzzle, lovely type.3 Davis' Moyna Summerbreeze at Corribeg.

J 4 1 Cox's Tiroen Too Hot to Handle, upstanding young dog with elegant neck and outline, dark eye, well let down hocks, presenting an impressive picture and moving with style and drive. 2 Prangle's Heathclare Chasing Magic, preferred construction of 1 but this is a good dog though still to mature with attractive head and expresion. 3 H Old Glory.

Y 6 1 Mitchells' Sutersett Go the Distance to Staxyll, loved the size, balance and effortless light step of this well-muscled young dog who moved with head high and and level tail carriage. Gentle expression with nothing over done and though not yet in his prime, could not be denied RBD . 2 H Chasing Magic 3 Axon's Brinara Private Eye.

UG 6 (1a) 1 Childs' Tredura Nevarda Knight, admired his steady movement, head and tail carriage and overall outline , lovely deep chestnut coat. 2 H Chasing Magic 3 B Private Eye.

G 3 1 H Chasing Magic 2 Willdridge's Shelindair Be My Teddy Bear, mature dog, with plenty of coat, kind expression. 3 H Old Glory.

PG 4 (1a) 1 Corless' Bardonhill Swift Eagle, liked this dog's type, and his strong hindquarters,and proportions all through. Another with plenty of coat of a beautiful deep colour. Classic head with pleasing expression. 2 Childs' Tredura Clandestine Affair, unsettled and not giving of his best when stacked but better on the move. 3 H Chasing Magic.

 L 3(3a) 1 Cohen's Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana, just coming into his prime, beautiful dog, rugged coat, strong, driving movement, made the ring his own. Strong topline, deep chest and well set shoulders, powerful hindquarters but nothing exaggerated, quality all through.BD, BIS. 2 Axon's Brinara Back in the Running. Unlucky to meet 1, liked outline and elegance of this dog and his length of neck. Moved well but did not have drive of 1. 3 B Swift Eagle.

O 1a


P 5 (2a) 1 Prangle's Heathclare Que Sera Sera, litter sister to BPD and pretty little girl that I would have liked to take home with me! Having a fun time, lovely outline, just a baby at 7 months but so happy and positive on the move. Deep chest, good neck and hindquarters, beautiful head and expression. BPIS 2 Heather's Caskeys Movie Star at Sixoaks, not as steady on the move but settled later. Pleasing outline and balance for her age. 3 Powis' Amberwave Feather.

V 1 (2a) 1 Stevenson's Lochlorien Miss Marple Cops Andley, 11 years young, a credit to her owner. Soundly constructed and enjoying her day out.

J 3 1 Cox's Tiroen to the Manor Born. Told later this gave her her JW well done. Beautiful girl with gleaming dark coat, lovely reach of neck, wagging tail lashing on the move, elegant and mature for age. 2 Walker's Gwendariff the Drama Queen Plays Wroxham, good movement but not co-operating when stacked which spoiled her topline. 3 A Feather.

Y 4 (1W/D) 1 Berry & Morris' Brinara Vanity Fair, only 19 months and so much more to come but with the pretty feminine head and sweet expression I was looking for. Attractive outline with gently sloping topline, compact yet graceful. Excellent movement. Yes, she's young and not finished yet but she was the bitch I liked most on the day. BB 2 T to the Manor Born 3 G the Drama Queen Plays Wroxham.

 UG 2 (1a) 1 T to the Manor Born 2 Corless' Lynwood Just for Larks, pleasing spring of rib and well let down hocks, well-made,bitch, preferred clean lines of 1.

G 4 (1a) 1 Russell's Melmara Minervois, Well balanced fore and aft, good sweep of stifle and strong hindquarters which meant she moved with drive. 2 T to the Manor Born 3 L Just for Larks.

PG 3 (2a) 1 Wharton's Thendara Jingle Belle of Jennison, when she settled, she moved well with attractive head carriage and using her tail. Best outline in class, good overall shape. 2 Stevenson's Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley, well made bitch, strong hindquarters but not as positive on move as 1. 3 Heather's Maranabethic Antigone of Sixoaks.

L 2 (2a) Two good bitches. 1 Prangle & Bennett's Heathclare a Kind of Magic, liked movement and sparkle of this girl and richness of coat, everything in the right place to win RBB, just preferred head and elegance of younger bitch for BB. 2 Howatson's Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders, happy girl with appealing head and expression and good front and shoulder placement.

O 1 (2a) 1 Stevensons' Lochlerien Prime Suspect for Andley, mature bitch, on her own but worthy winner, full of setter character on the move but just a little bit heavy in body.

Brace 1 Cox's , moved well in unison, a striking pair.