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Irish Setter Club of Wales Championship Show Dogs 17TH APRIL, 2011

A lovely entry of mainly well-presented and clean dogs. I found no bad mouths so an improvement on my last appointment, but I was again disappointed in the heads of many, otherwise, good dogs. They were too heavy and lacking the true Irish Setter expression. However, I did manage to find enough with the correct heads to fill most of the class placings.

MP (6-0) 1st Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Pot Noodle. Delightful puppy, typical of his breeding, nice expression, well-developed forehand with pronounced sternum and good depth for age, well-balanced body, wide hindquarters with decent length from hip to hock, moved as a puppy should. BPD. 2nd Pollard & Cook’s Grayrigge Benedict, similar to 1 in shape but out of a smaller mould, again he is well-developed in front, gently sloping topline with correct croup and tailset, really lovely head, just preferred 1st in style and character. 3rd Richardson’s Kirkavagh Hernando, substantial puppy, pleasing head, good neck, topline and croup, nice depth to body, excellent hindquarters. Just failed a little in front angulation to the winner’s.

PD (5-0) 1st Stocker’s Kirkavagh Xacala, 4th in the strong MP class, immature at present and needs to develop more in front . He has a gorgeous head, a decent neck into well-laid back shoulders, correct topline and good well-angulated hindquarters. He moved steadily, just needs time. 2nd Evers Swindell’s Talharon Touch the Stars, nice outline on this one, good in shoulders, topline and hindquarters, moved well. Just preferred the lovely head of 1st . 3rd Prangle’s Heathclare Moet Magic, very substantial for age, the best of forehand construction, well made throughout, moved well, Just a bit too much for me today.

V (3-2) 1st Rose-Hay & Gaul’s Cataluna Nickle & Dime, 11 years old and moved like a dog half his age using his tail all the time. Head and expression typical of his breeding, well made throughout. Alone but deserved his win.

J (9-1) 1st Humphries & Oliver’s Henaleas Uptown Flirt at Bramstorm Surprised myself here, I didn’t think I liked this dog! Just goes to show you shouldn’t form an opinion on a dog until you’ve gone over it. Most lovely head and expression, really good forehand with good depth of chest for age, nice width to hindquarters which are well angulated. Sound mover, all topped off with a delicious rich dark coat, one for the future I feel. 2nd Smith’s Reddins Keifer by the same sire as 1st but totally different being smaller and perhaps more elegant, good head and expression, correct angulation fore and aft, moved well. 3rd Gardiner’s Blaysdell Kieran, another lovely headed boy to complete a trio of quality dogs, well made throughout with good width to second thigh which was lacking in some, neat hocks which enabled him to move correctly.

Y (9-0) 1st Gisby & Pike’s Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW well-known dog who has the most beautiful head and expression, really well constructed throughout and a sound mover. In-between coats at present, when he gets his furnishings he will trouble the best. 2nd Pullen & Atkin’s Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail Another beautiful dog of similar type and style, I see they have the same sire. More finished than 1st with the coat and furnishings, again has all the essentials, moved well Just preferred 1st in head and tail carriage, a close decision. 3rd Williamson’s Kirwilldale Chaska Giving away a lot in age here. Well made dog with a rugged outline, good head and expression, correct angulation fore and aft. Moved soundly.
Three lovely dogs.

M (7-3) 1st H. Uptown Flirt at Bramstorm. 2nd K. Chaska. 3rd Torpy’s Follidown Meadow Pipit Well grown youngster, pleasing head, nice expression, good layback of shoulder but could do with a better return of upper arm, good in hindquarters, steady mover.

N (7-2) 1-2-3 repeat.

UG (8-0) 1st H. Uptown Flirt at Bramstorm 2nd Bell’s Balintyne the Continental Elegant dog who excels on the move where he shows his true balance and soundness. He has a pleasant head with a soft expression and is correct in most departments. Just preferred 1st in depth of chest. 3rd K. Chaska.





G (11-1) 1st Ciechonska’s Coppers Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne JW, medium-sized dog with the true Irish head and expression. Excellent forehand and depth, good length to body and well-angulated hindquarters, correct tailset and carriage. Handler needs to develop longer legs to keep up with him on the move, he is a long striding dog who really needs more space in which to show off his sound movement. 2nd Stubbs’ Riverbrue Zeus JW Another really good dog, different in type to 1st . When his handler gets it right he has a lovely outline with correct angulation fore and aft. He owns a very nice head with a quizzical expression, reachy neck set on good shoulders. Not quite so good in croup as 1st but his tail carriage is correct on the move. 3rd Legge’s Maescartref Tennessee Mood New one to me, smallish compact dog with a good head and decent angulation front and back gently sloping topline and correct croup, moved and handled well.

PG (15-1) 1st Eden & Crockers Meadway Morrisey Gorgeous dog who oozes quality. Beautiful head with quizzical expression, excellent shoulders and the best of forehands, good depth to his mature body, slightly sloping topline leading to good croup and tailset. Strong well-formed hindquarters with short rear pasterns. Gorgeous dark coat. Excelled with his sound driving movement, presented and handled to perfection. CC & BIS. 2nd Chorley-Newton & Chorley’s Kerryfair Snowfox Unlucky to meet the winner. Medium-sized dog with a lovely head and soft expression. Good through neck and shoulders with correct topline and tailset. Nicely angulated hindquarters, moved soundly. 3rd Gladwish’s Glenlaine the Best Man another lovely dog with a good head although I would prefer more depth to his muzzle, sound in all departments and a good mover .

ML (7-1) 1st Wick’s Riquitta Motivator Lovely outline on this one. Good head in profile, correct shoulder placement, well-balanced fore and aft. Strong wide hindquarters with plenty of stifle angulation, short rear pasterns which enabled him to move well. 2nd Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Kramer Eyecatching dog who did his best to throw this place away, “ uncooperative “ his handler says, I can sympathise! However, I saw through his antics and found a very sound dog under that beautiful coat. He has all the essentials including a good front assembly and strong hindquarters with a good bend of stifle. To be critical I would prefer a less sloping croup. He moved well with a better tail carriage than 1st. 3rd Partridge’s Kerrydown My Guy JW SH CM Another with an eyecatching outline. Lovely head and eye, good front with a prominent sternum and decent return of upper arm. Well ribbed back, well angled hindquarters. Moved well. Just preferred the above for layback of shoulder.

L (10-2) 1st Hunter & Browns Shenanagin Scholar with Braidmount JW Strongly-built dog, pleasing head, very good forehand. Mature body with wide well angulated hindquarters. Well off for bone and substance. Moved well as did all three in this class. I was nit-picking. 2nd Mugford’s Coppers Undercover at Lynwood JW Smaller compact dog with an attractive head and expression. Enough angulation fore and aft with a decent sternum, correct slightly sloping topline and good tail carriage. 3rd Rodda’s Teramour Going for Gold Bigger dog with an elegant outline. I preferred his head to those above, he has many good points to consider including good angulation front and back. Well handled.

O (8-4) A disappointing class 1st McClarnon’s SH CH & IR SH CH Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna JW Easy winner here for his performance type and quality. Most lovely head and eye, excellent front, best of legs and feet, deep mature body, correct sloping topline with a good bend of stifle and short rear pasterns topped off with a glamorous well-presented coat. Moved with style and drive. RCC. Just preferred CC winner in shoulder. 2nd Rorke’s Cataluna Captivatione to Zakhan Different in type to 1st being shorter on the leg and more compact. Head is typical of his breeding, good in shoulder and front assembly, decent hindquarters. Moved soundly. 3rd Child’s Brenrue Outlander SH CM A different style again to those above. Pleasant head and eye, good forehand but not the topline or croup I was looking for. Moved ok.

SPB (4 -0) 1st G. the Best Man. 2nd Cooper’s Karadell Captivation for Hugared Well-made boy with a lovely head and expression. Correct angulation fore and aft, gently sloping topline leading to a decent croup and tailset. Moved ok. 3rd Cooper’s Shenanagin Sailing Home to Hugared Immature dog whose rear needs to catch up with his front, it will come eventually. Suffice to say he has most of the essentials and is very sound, just needs a bit more time. Well handled .

Alan Vanderbilt Memorial Class (3 -1) 1st K. My Guy. 2nd Mitchells Polmennor Bonfire Slightly built dog, well presented and handled. Attractive head and expression, moved ok . Just not masculine enough for me.

Judge Katrina Hall.



My thanks to the Officers and Committee of this delightful show for my invitation to judge, an appointment which I thoroughly enjoyed, and also to my very pleasant and efficient stewards.  It is always a pleasure to me to judge this delightful breed of which I am so fond.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH  - 11 (1 abs)
1st  Rourke's  Zakhan My Lady Zanna - Well grown  6 month old puppy, lovely head with lots of work.  Beautiful crested neck, well set shoulders, flowed all through to tip of her tail.  Good depth of brisket, well boned, tight feet, excellent colour and coat, went steadily around the ring, looked like she had done this many times before, delighted to see her go Best Puppy in Show.
2nd - Halls Harreds Florrie - Another delightful puppy.  8 months, well grown, balanced all through, good bone, pretty expressive head, well arched neck set into well laid shoulders, deep brisket, well ribbed up, went well.  Very promising
3rd - Heron's Caskeys Happy Hour

PUPPY - 13 (2 abs)
1st Prangle & Bennet's Heathclare A Kind of Magic - Full of quality, chiselled head, well arched neck set into good shoulder placement, well angulated front and rear, deep brisket.  Went around the ring well using her tail.
2nd - Townsend's Follidown Meadow Rue - Built on finer lines all through but well put together.  Expressive feminine head, well angulated front and rear, deep chest, good colour, went well.
3rd - Pike's Redclyst Glenury Brigit

VETERAN - 5 (1 abs)
1st Catling's Highclare Mary Poppins at Teleri - 8 ½ yr old, really enjoying her day.  Very typy bitch, lovely lean expressive head, well angulated front and rear, good coat and colour, went well.
2nd - Waterton's Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream - 9 ½ yr old enjoying her day out, pleasing head and expression, good neck and shoulders, held her topline well on the move has super hindquarters.
3rd Berry & Morris'- Sh.Ch. Brinara Backseat Driver

JUNIOR  - 13 (1 abs) This was a really excellent class, not enough red cards!
1st Naylor & Morrison's Anlory Carinena - Beautiful bitch in all departments, hard to fault.  Well shaped head with soft expression, lots of work in it, excelled in neck and good sloping shoulders, super topline which she held on the move, front and rear angulation excellent,good depth of brisket, well ribbed up, in good coat, moved out well covering the ground.  Made a lovely picture.
2nd  Kings Kirkavagh Windmill Girl - Lovely type all through and similar remarks apply.  Another bitch that is hard to fault and with so much going for her, so unlucky to meet 1 today who was in better coat which, when you are splitting hairs, was the final factor.  Two superb youngsters.
3rd Muir's Romarne Savannah

YEARLING  10 - (1 abs)
1st Gardners Carnbargus Confetti - Medium sized bitch with a superb outline, well shaped head, lovely expression, good neck flowing into well placed shoulders, good front and rear assembly with well muscled and strong hindquarters.  Went well.
2nd  Catling's Shandwick Star Shine at Teleri JW - Bigger bitch, not as much work in head at the moment as 1 but very feminine.  Racy outline which flowed all through, good depth, well angulated hindquarters, went well.
3rd Morgan's Deaconara Blue Sonata

1st Naylor & Morrisons Anlory Carinena
2nd King's Kirkavagh Windmill Girl
3rd Howatsons Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders

NOVICE - 18 
1st Naylor & Morrison's Anlory Carinena
2nd Kings Kirkavagh Windmill Girl 
3rd Muir's Romarne Savannah JW

1st - Barker-Bell's Balintyne Foreign Affair - Lean head but not too lean, liked her size and overall balance, well constructed throughout, super strong hindquarters, good depth, well ribbed, went really well on the move using her tail merrily.
2nd Blackshaw's Lanstara Lollipop - Bigger bitch of different type, attractive head with kind expression,well constructed overall , deep brisket, well ribbed well off for bone, good width across hindquarters, went well.
3rd Humphreys Henaleas Carry on Flirting

GRADUATE  8 - (2 abs)
1st Driver's Caskey's Stargazer at Stearnwood - Very balanced bitch, height length ratio's, good forehand and strong well made hindquarters, pleasing head and expression.  Went well.
2nd  Elkins Avacet Snowbird - Taller bitch but still balanced, Pleasing head and expression, good topline, well angulated, went well.
3rd Douthwaite & Warfe's Gracewood Shannon JW

1st Roberts & Bye - Colanme Confection - Very feminine bitch liked her overall shape and conformation, very balanced.  Well shaped head, gentle expression, good neck and shoulders, well made body, good coat, went well.
2nd - Price's Severnvale Simply Special - Larger bitch but still balanced, stronger in head but well shaped with kindly expression, lengthy neck, good shoulder placement, quality all through.  Went well.
3rd Waterton's Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW

MID LIMIT - 10 - (1 abs)
1st - Mugford's Lynwood Started with a Kiss JW - Liked this bitch as soon as I saw her.  Beautifully put together, everything about her is in the right place.  Her head has work in it, well shaped with  a kind expressive eye, on a strong lengthy crested neck which flowed into her well laid shoulders giving her a superb topline to the very end of her tail.  Well constructed front and rear with strong hindquarters, went really well using her tail to advantage.  In good coat and condition, true deep colour.  Just loved everything about her. B.C.C - her 2nd I gather, am sure she will get her third quickly. R.B.O.B.
2nd  Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW - Another very good bitch, larger in size but very balanced, lovely shaped head and eye, good neck and shoulders, good front, deep brisket, strong hindquarters.  Excellent true Irish colour which was missing in some.  Her movement was happy and good.
3rd Roberts Lynwood Theme Song for Polmennor

LIMIT - 12 (1 abs)
1st Smith's Reddins Holly - Strong well made bitch with substance but still feminine and so well constructed.  Well shaped head, good eye, with kind expression, her front assembly was correct, deep in brisket and good ribbing, strong hindquarters which she used with purpose when on the move, would have just liked a little more elegance, but of excellent type as one would expect from this kennel.
2nd - Naylor & Morrison's Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW -  Another lovely bitch to go over.  Well shaped head with good eye and expression, built on more flowing lines than 1.  Correct front assembly, good neck and shoulders, deep brisket, longer in loin, and more rugged in appearance than 1.  Went well.
3rd - Gardner's Carnbargus Contemplation JW 

OPEN - 13 (4 Abs)
1st - Stewart & Stewart-Ritchie & Ne's Ir.Sh.Ch.Gwendariff Rock Diva JW - Excellent bitch, excelled in movement really covering the ground with good front extension.  Her overall conformation was very good and she flowed all through, she was in good coat that was a beautiful rich colour.  In the challenge I thought her head, although correct, was a little plainer than the overall winner.  RBCC
2nd  Heron's Sh.Ch. Caskey's Happy Hour - Preferred her head to 1 which I felt had more work in it.  Her overall conformation is excellent and she is well balanced with correct angulation front and rear with strong hindquarters.  Thought she was a little loaded over the shoulders today.  Her movement was positive and enthusiastic.
3rd - King's Kirkavagh Ivanjica 

1st - Middleton's Trebeurden  - Pretty headed bitch, good overall shape but a little loaded on the shoulders today.  Went well.
2nd Cowell & Stewart-Cook's Dawnglo Cinderella - A pleasing bitch overall but a little short in the upper arm.  Deep brisket, well ribbed, good hindquarters, went well, lighter in colour.
3rd Allard's Kirkavagh Istiea

1st - Berry & Morris Brinara Winter Cherry - Stylish bitch in good coat.  Well shaped head, good neck and shoulder placement, held topline on the move, went well.
2nd Roberts Lynwood Theme Song for Polmennor
      Maureen Justice