Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency (CLAD) is an hereditary condition that can effect Irish Setters and results in early death to affected puppies. It is caused by a single recessive mutation in a gene that controls the function of white blood cells and results in immunodeficiency. Thankfully, research carried out at the University of Uppsala in Sweden has resulted in the development of a DNA test to identify Irish Setters that carry the mutant gene.

The Irish Setter Breed Clubs in the UK have agreed with the Kennel Club to follow a breeding control scheme to try to eradicate CLAD within the Irish Setter population. The outline of the scheme is as follows:-

The results of CLAD DNA tests that have been carried out on Irish Setters are recorded by the Kennel Club and may viewed on The Kennel Club website but to obtain access you will need to have registered as a user and log in to the site once logged in the pages are:-

Irish Setters tested CLEAR of CLAD www.thekennelclub.org.uk/cgi-bin/library.cgi?action=detail&id=3106

Irish Setter CLAD Carriers www.thekennelclub.org.uk/cgi-bin/library.cgi?action=detail&id=3107

The above files are in PDF format for which you need Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be obtained free of charge from the Adobe website by clicking on the following link http://www.adobe.com/