Northern Open Show

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Judge Mrs R Millan (Landscot)

Llandrinio Village Hall

Best in Show and Reserve Best in show


Best Veteran and Best Puppy

Critique: The Irish Setter Club of Wales Northern Open Show 3rd. Feb.2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who made it possible for me to judge at this show.l would also like to thank Mrs Gittins my steward.

Irish Setter Puppy Dog 3 (labs)

(1) Danks-Kemish Alolfrana AHot Romantic D This puppy was just 6 months on the day of the
show but was certainly not over-awed by it.Good head.correct stop.good front,strong in
hindquarters, moved well,

presentation excellentBEST PUPPY.

(2)Poole Teleri Summer NightsD Nice puppy.good head with dark eye.sound front.ribs well sprung.correct toplinejust needs to settle on the move.

Veteran Dog 3


Sheldon Balintyne Foreign Intrigue at DelsantoD Pleasing head with nice dark eye.well placed

shoulders,Good front and neat feet,held topline on the move.,

(2)   Axon Brinara Back in the RunningD Lovely liead.good front assembly, nice feet, moved

(3)   Corless Bardonhill Swift EagleD
Junior Dog 3

(1)Corless Swiftlark Second to None with Magenby D Well balanced dog.good head showing stop.dark eye.excellent front,moved well holding topline.

(2)   Randle Forfarian's Hidden Secret with Rionore D Typical masculine head with lovely dark
eye.corect neck,shoulders well placedjust needs to settle on the move

(3)   Fitzmaurice Harreds Trooper D
Yearling Dog 6 (labs)

(1) Stockton Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas DJW Overall sound dog.presented in

excellent condition.

(2)Danks -Kemish Alolfrana Hotter Than U'Know DJW No Notes.

(3) Jones Gwendariff Pink Floyd

Undergraduate Dog 1(1abs)

(1) Corless Swiftlark Second Thoughts D Stood alone.nice type.dark eye.good angulation of

upper arm.tight feet moved well.

Graduate Dog 3(1WD)

(1)   Greenham Anlory Aidan D JW Lovely dog in peak condition.excellent shoulder
placement,ribs well sprung,moved with drive holding his topline and using his tail to good
effect BEST DOG

(2)   Randle Forfairian's Hidden Secret With RionoreD Same notes apply as Class 3
Post Graduate Dog 2(1abs)

(1) Drinkwater Bradbrook WisperedD Pleasing head with correct dark eye and stop.good reach of neck into well laid shoulders.correct topline which he held on the move. Limit Dog 4

(1)   Hemmings Orlanset The Rocker JW Well presented.correct balanced head.good reach of
neck.good topline with nice finish to croup, moved well using his tail to good effect. RBD

(2)   Fitzmaurice Brinara Independant D Well balanced dog,pleasing head.correct shoulder
placement, neat feet,moved well.

(3)Davis Brinara Newstatesman At CorriebegD Open Dog 4(labs),

(1)   Axon Brinara Private Eye D good size of dog.well balanced throughout,nice head.dark
eye.good reach of neck into well laid shoulders.correct topline with good finish to
croup,presented in hard condition moved well.

(2)   Cohen Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana D JWShCM Typical head.nice shape.such a pity
he did not settle on the day.

Puppy Bitch 4

(1) Danks-Kemish Alolfrana U'Are A Diamond B Presented in tip top condition.showed a lot of confidence for one so young.nice overall shape.good muscle tone.moved well. (2)Mugford Lynwood Abracadabras Lovely bitch in excellent condition.good head with dark eye giving soft expression,nice reach of neck.good topline.neat feet.


(3)Taylor Alchriset A Taste Of HoneyB

Veteren Bitch 4 (labs)

(1) Stevensons Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley B JW ShCM Can not believe this bitch is

almost 10 years old,Excellent overall balance,good head neck and lovely

condition for her age a credit to her owners.correct topline and good tail set which she used to

advantage while moving.BEST VETERAN RBIS.

(2)Sheldon Delsanto Snow BelleB JW Another nice oldie.Good head ,well laid shoulders with

good spring of rib.correct topline with nice finish to the croup.moved well.

(3)Waterton SHCH Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sanstream JWSHCm

Junior Bitch 4 (labs)

(1)   Corless Swiftlark Second NatureB Pleasing head and expression,super neck and
shoulders.good front ,neat feet,well bodied for her age, moved well.

(2)   Hall Glennara Cilleigne Dervla(KC)JW Well balanced bitch.good head.correct reach of
neck into well laid shoulders.well muscled,moving rather close behind.

(3)   Hughes Alolfrana U'Are A Diamond.
Yearling Bitch 6 (labs)


(1)   Drinkwater Bradbrook Rosalee B Typical head.dark eye.good front,feet well
padded.exceltent topline and tail.moved well.

(2)   Sheldon Delsanto Miss Daisy B JW Correct head showing dark eye.good depth of
chest,correct topline and tailset

(3)   Hemmings Orjanset The Rocker B_____

Undergraduate Bitch 3 (labs)

(1)Mugford Lynwood Isn't She Lovely BJW Pleasing to look at from all angles.combining elegance with substance,head feminine and refined.nice construction with good depth,moved well.

(2) Corless Swiftlark Second NatureB Notes as Class 12.
Graduate Bitch 6 (labs) (1wd)

(1) Danks-Kemish Alolfran True EleganceB Set up she shows quality in all departments, straight front with good shoulder placement, Moved with drive holding her topline. (2)Hall Riverbrue Ophelia at Glenarra B Well balanced bitch.correct head with dark eye.excellent reach of neck.good topline.

(3) Kemish Redeshka Sweet Gypsy Rose B
Post Graduate Bitch 6 (labs)

(1)   Waterton Sandstream Summer Breeze B JW This bitch went round the ring driving
through the hocks and using her tail on the move.feminine head with raised brows, put to­
gether with good angulation front and rear.

(2)   Stevenson Lochlorien True Dective is AndleyB Well balanced bitch.good head.dark
eye.moved well.

(3)     Taylor Danaway GoodieTwo ShoesB

Limit Bitch 4 (3abs)

(1) Jones Gwendariff Nutmeg B ShCM Lovely bitch.well balanced,her eye is hazel whitch

matches her coat so well.moderate length of neck into well laid shoulders.ribs well

sprung,good topline and tail set,strong hocks.good sound bitch.

Open Bitch 2

(1)   Waterton Sandstream Welcome Breeze BJW This one ticked all the boxes, right out of the
top drawer.racy.well balanced and full of quality,lovely head with a lot of delicate chiseling,dark
eye giving soft gentle expression,clean neck going into well laid shoulders.ribs well
sprung.rear quarters wide and powerful.feet small and neat,Moved with drive holding
topline.BEST IN SHOW Well Done.

(2)   Stevenson Scully Foxes AndleyB Good length of muzzle and nice work in foreface.dark
eye of correct shape,enough stop.good lay back of shoulders and return of upper arm,rear
quarters well muscled.

Brace 1

(1) Stevenson B Well handled,moved round the ring as one using their tails.

Mrs R. Millan (Landscot) Judge.