2018 Championship Show

Sponsored by Gilbertson and Page

Sunday 22nd April 2018

Severn Hall Three Counties Showground



Dogs: Mrs E. Gratton (Glenlaine)

 Bitches: Mr R.J. Morris (Lascoed)

 Referee: Mrs O. Henson (Tatsbro)


Bitch Critique

Irish Setter Club of Wales – Championship show 22nd April 2018 – Bitches – Judge Richard Morris (Lascoed)
The late Moira Clarke signed me up as a founder member of this successful club forty years ago, but I never imagined I would have the great privilege of judging at their Championship show forty years later. So my very grateful thanks to the committee for the honour of officiating at this anniversary event and my sincere appreciation to every exhibitor for the delightful, well tempered bitches you entered under me. The venue is light, airy and spacious but the floor in the Severn Hall has a reputation, even when matted, and it was challenging on times to assess movement and I am sure most exhibits would have looked and gone better outside in the sunshine. My stalwart stewards Greta & Brian Ross kept the ring in perfect order and made for speedy progress, I thank them for the assistance they gave me and I would like to note how they have both wonderfully supported and encouraged the breed, particularly in Wales. Much gratitude also to Mr Peter Rowlands after guiding the club with superb dedication as secretary for so many years. The variable nature of the breed made it challenging to judge to a consistent stamp of Irish but all my bitch awards were breed typical specimens, though on times I adopted a slightly generalist approach focusing on construction, balance and movement and less on some specific breed points as they were either not enough of a feature or not sufficiently evidenced on the day to make a material difference to placing. My report is therefore somewhat less detailed than I would normally write. The last time I judged the breed there was more depth of quality present in the entry, though my main winners today pleased me greatly, my Reserve CC being a joy to discover and the Reserve BIS dog RCC delighted me standing as, in my opinion, the best Irish I went over on the day.
MP (4,1)
1.  Heather – Sixoaks Leading Lady
Eight months and related to my winner in puppy, lovely breed type, quality presence, temperament delightfully playful, eventually settled well to see her movement which was the soundest in the class at this stage. Head well balanced with strength and length of muzzle, excellent bone and small, firm feet, good depth of body for a youngster. Well covered overall and firm across the loins, particularly well angulated throughout and therefore balanced.
2.  Sharman & Jennings-Sharman – Kerrimere Red Ribbon
Seven months with an appealing well balanced and racy outline, neck moderately long well placed into shoulders, strong bone and neat feet. Well constructed with straight, gently sloping topline and more muscling than than the bitch below her though being so young her head does need time to come on.
3.  Drinkwater – Brabrook Fancy Girl
Seven months and completing a trio of delightful youngsters all well worth campaigning further, another well balanced and angulated throughout though looser on the move than those above, lovely rich colouring on display. One needing time to body and head to come on but showing plenty of promise. 
P (11,3)
1.  Mugford – Lynwood Abracadabra
An eleven months who was my BPB, quality presence, racy and typical, well balanced outline, good for size overall. A well maturing puppy with strength to her construction and in just the right body condition and muscling, richly coloured, well coated and feathered for a youngster. Notably well proportioned head for a puppy, good muzzle finish with kind, dark eye and expression, deep brisket for her age. A sound and positive mover fore and aft with raised head carriage and tail well carried, driving from well set hocks.
2.  Phillips & Condron – Covarney Summer Breeze
Nearly twelve months but for a few days another presented in excellent body condition and muscling, strong bone supported on the best of firm feet, straight, sweeping topline and well coupled, firm across the loins. No exaggeration in hindquarters with pleasing turn of stifles and strong second thighs developing. A sound and particularly good extension front and rear on the move, balanced head but lacking the muzzle finish of the winner at present.
3.  Taylor – Alchriset A Taste Of Honey
Just ten months with a promising head, eyes dark coloured, well set and pleasingly almond shaped, well boned throughout though nails could be shorter. Well angulated overall with typical topline and a sound mover.
V (5,0)
1.  Stevenson – Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh.CM.
At almost eleven years my BVB stood out for presentation, body condition, coat quality and feathering. The best of strong bone still and tight feet with firm, slightly sloping topline and well sprung ribcage showing powerful and positive rear drive with sound hindquarter action.
2.  Drinkwater – Brabrook She’s All Style
Seven and a half years with attractive well proportioned head and intelligent expression, well constructed overall with muscled hindquarters and deep second thighs. Very well bodied and strong across the loins. Feathering not quite as attractively presented as the winner nor her positive front action on the move.
3.  Holley – Gwendariff Soda Pop To Wynjil
The best outline in the class on this seven years four months bitch appealing for overall size and balance. Most appealing head and expression, very typical, strong bone and tight feet with splendid rich coat colouring. Not quite the movement of the winners and somewhat failed to hold her topline in profile.
J (10,1)
1.  Mutch – Romarne Galway Girl At Astleyview
Only thirteen months of age and for me the find of the day offering the fundamentals I was looking for namely breed type and racy quality built on the very best of angulation throughout, perfect static and kenetic balance, tightly knitted together all round, lovely strength of bone at this age, power on the move and typical coat for length, texture and colour. Above all she was the soundest moving bitch on the day once she settled with lovely, graceful flowing lines on the move, super daisy cutting forward reach and drive from the rear, her front is straight and well set with correct width and her hindquarters muscled, stifles and hocks well set. I would further add that unlike many today she displays no hint of excess to her make up and appears as the sort that could go all day in the field. Clearly lacking in the fullness of furnishings which come with maturing but for me a minor addition to a bitch I would consider has a great future. Her head is long and refined with full, open nostrils, less noticeable in the breed today, lovely arch to her strong neck and in her expression she exudes the correct essence of the breed and though seemingly a little inexperienced in the ring performed with the lovely “devil may care” attitude the breed temperament carries. I wish her every success going forwards, RCC.
2.  Coleman – Devacott Rose Creek
Lovely breed outline on this bitch rising fifteen months, correct slightly sloping topline, strong bone and neat, tight feet. Most promising, well balanced and proportioned head with good depth of brisket for her age. A very sound and true mover though not quite the powerful drive of the winner. Presented in the best of coat and developing feathering, well textured, the overall picture may be enhanced, I respectfully suggest, should she be moved on a looser lead.
3.  Bott – Bardonhill Words Of Love
Lovely dark eye colour, set and shape on this twelve months bitch but not quite the strength in the head at present of the winners. Very typical overall, racy quality, lovely coat texture, richly coloured. The best of strong bone and firm feet, well coupled at the loins, hindquarters well muscled and well bent stifles. A sound, true mover but needs time to come on as a junior in my opinion.
Y (8,2)
1.  Hemmings – Orlanset Foxy Lady
At twenty three months exuding a racy, quality, balanced outline in a fairly compact frame. Fell for her delightful breed expression, dark eyes well shaped and sized, strong bone and tight, firm feet. Presented in fit well muscled condition notably across the loins and hindquarters, coated and feathered without exaggeration richly coloured and in well textured full bloom. Very sound and true on the move fore and aft which won her the class though I would like to see more forward extension on show.
2.  Bell & Barker-Bell – Balintyne Freda Payne
At twenty three months just a few days younger than first place and pushed her hard for her lovely breed type and  well constructed, racy outline, balanced head but not quite the appeal of her expression for me. Essentially a sound and driving mover with strong bone and very firm feet, well sprung ribcage and firm across the loins. In pleasing body condition and substance but not quite the muscle finish of the winner overall on the day.
3.  Drinkwater – Brabrook Rosalee
At twenty one months this bitch possesses a flashy, racy outline, well proportioned throughout though not the finish in the head of the winners at present. Well sprung ribcage, good bone and close, well arched feet, moved a bit wide in front on the day in my opinion.
M (10,3)
1.  Mutch – Romarne Galway Girl At Astleyview
2.  Bott – Bardonhill Words Of Love
3.  Murray & Ferrol – Gwendariff Whirlwind At Harvancourt
Eleven months fourth in a strong puppy class, racy breed outline, well balanced overall with pleasing dark eye colour, well shaped but head needs time to come on, promising overall and essentially sound on the move.
N (12,2)
1.  Mutch – Romarne Galway Girl At Astleyview
2.  Coleman – Devacott Rose Creek
3.  Bott – Bardonhill Words Of Love
UG (8,2)
1.  Bott – Bardonhill Words Of Love
2.  Mugford – Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely JW
Two and a quarter years attractive, racy outline with soft, kind expression though I would prefer more fullness in the head at this stage. Strong bone and well rounded, firm feet, lovely depth of brisket and very firm across the loins. Shoulders well set and laid, very sweeping hindquarters well muscled, had a tendency I judged to move somewhat narrowly on the day.
3.  Drinkwater – Brabrook Rosealee
G (8,2)
1.  Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott – Susie Snapshot By Thendara JW
Two and a half years old bitch of good substance, racy and very well constructed with sweeping, muscular neck into well placed shoulders, outline flowing and well knit together overall. Straight, slightly sloping topline, excellent bone and feet, lovely head and expression, muscled hindquarters, well feathered and richly coloured, essentially sound on the move.
2.  Naylor & Morrison – Anlory Carignan JW
A smaller two years three months bitch heavier build than the winner but all in proportion and a lovely powerful, reaching and driving mover, Well coupled with first class strength of bone and the very best of tight feet, good depth of body, well constructed, elegant outline, richly coloured coat and pleasingly textured.
3.  Russell – Melmara Georgia JW
Rising three years and won her place on her soundness of movement. Head well proportioned with lovely dark eye colour, well shaped and set. Pleasing and typical for depth of brisket, topline, lovely strength of bone throughout, close feet and muscled hindquarters.
PG (13,3)
1.  Condron – Covarney Lil’Minx
Most typical two and a half years old full of substance and well conditioned, racy outline supported on the best bone and firmest feet in the class. Head well balanced but slightly plain in expression for me, lovely depth of brisket and firmly muscled across the loins, well coupled. Lovely set of croup and tail, hard muscled hindquarters moved with demonstrable forward reach and determined rear drive.
2.  Davies – Tarandell Wispa’s Desire
Very well angulated four years two months old with super straight front, well boned and pleasing width, feet could be tighter for me. Typical sweeping topline, well proportioned and balanced racy outline and a head I preferred over that of the winners for her lovely expression. Not so enthusiastic on the move as the winner but essentially sound, not in her best coat on the day.
3.  Stevenson – Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley
Three years two months a more powerful mover than the bitch above her presented in lovely coat, well textured, strong bone and typical feet. Head well proportioned with dark eye colour, well set and shaped, well proportioned overall with especially well muscled hindquarters with deep second thighs, tail well set and correctly carried showing a delightful temperament.
ML (10,0)
1.  Partridge – Kerrydown Octavia
Mature four years two months who filled my eye standing with her quality presence, coat abundance, rich colour and finish of feathering. Well developed bitch of substance yet racy outline, well sprung ribcage with super depth of brisket, well balanced and unexaggerated overall, full of breed type and colour. Muscular arch to moderately long neck, excellent strength of bone and well padded feet, proportionate head with pleasing expression and the best of straight fronts with good width, elbows close. Loin solid and muscular as were hindquarters with deep second thighs, tail strong at the root and well carried. 
2.  Bell & Bell-Barker – Balintyne Say You Say Me
Lovely scope of outline racy and well balanced at three years eight months, another typical head and expression with strength and character. Very well angulated throughout with good depth of body, shoulders well set with good length of neck. Strongly boned with well rounded feet, presented in pleasing coat and condition and a positive, true mover but not quite the muscle condition of the winner on the day.
3.  Naylor & Morrison - Anlory Corbieres JW
At four years presented as the best mover in the class on the day with strong bone and the best of tight feet, typical, slightly sloping topline and in gleaming coat condition. Skull and muzzle in proportion with pleasing breed expression, stifles well turned, tail well set and carried. Completed a trio of quality typical bitches who could all change places on another day.
L (12,1)
1.  Crocker & Siddle – Riverbrue Gloriana
Two years with sweeping, solid outline, clean lines, gleaming rich chestnut colour, well coated and fully feathered demonstrating delightful temperament and use of tail. Well constructed throughout enabling her to move with extended reach and determined drive and she had the edge over the others on movement in this class with super tail carriage. Excels in front with lovely fore-chest depth and typical topline, excellent bone and feet, possesses an impressive abundance of solid substance and muscling overall.
2.  Gisby – Suteresett Once Upon A Dream
Rising six years another whose movement won her the place, solid, typical outline if slightly long in neck for me, plenty of robust substance on show with racy quality. A plainer expression than the winner but head well balanced, firm across the loins with correct croup, well sprung ribcage and muscled hindquarters. Presented in first class coat, feather and condition.
3.  Condron – Summertime Blues For Covarney
Six years well balanced and proportioned, lovely dark eye colour and shape but not quite the head qualities of those above her in my opinion. Excellent straight, strong bone, firm across the loins, well muscled hindquarters with deep second thighs. Another placed on her sound, true movement before the others in the class on the day.
O (8,2)
1.  Armitage – Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream
Striking four years three months old bitch lovely poise and balance, most attractive racy symmetry of outline, elegant and full of substance, construction well knitted together without any exaggerations, a delightful coat colour and feathering, feminine quality example of the breed showing desired character. Head well proportioned carried nobly with an air of grace, lovely expression, dark eye colour, well set and almond shape, most inviting look, skull well formed, ears well set but would like a bit more finish in the muzzle which is where the Dog reserve CC scored for me as RBIS. Super quality and strength of bone with firm, tight, well padded feet, broad and well muscled across the loins, super depth of brisket, tail thick at the root, very well set and carried. A stylish driving mover beautifully presented, carrying her topline perfectly on the move which was positive and sound in action. The clear winner in the class on the day and delighted to award her the CC & ultimately BOS.
2.  Rodda – Ireleith Conchitta Avec Teramour
Five years eight months heavier build and not the coat finish of the winner on the day but one I have admired before particularly delighting in her long, lean head and enhanced quality of expression, sweet, dark eye colour, particularly full nostrils, head in proportion, muzzle nicely padded. Excellent strong bone, tight, well padded feet, well sprung ribcage reaching well back, firmly coupled with brisket to elbows and muscled across the loins, excellent muscled hindquarters with deep second thighs. Sound and true fore and aft on the move but not the drive of the winner on the day.
3.  Sturrock – Sh.Ch. Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW
Quality five and a half years old lovely, typical outline, racy outline with scope, lovely soft eye and kind, intelligent expression, classic, well balanced head with raised brows. Good bone and feet but not quite carrying the body condition of the winners nor fully in coat on the day. Well angulated and balanced standing and moving, sound and true, very feminine but not quite on her best form today in my opinion.
SB (2,0)
1.  Greenwood – Carnbargus Final Fling
Four years carrying the better head qualities for me over the second bitch, stronger and not excessively lean, racy, rangy outline but would benefit form more depth of body to complete the picture and slightly more richness in colour in her coat in my opinion. Strongly boned overall with good feet and presented in pleasing body condition, well covered and muscled.
2.  Hadfield – Marzanne China In Your Hand
Three years old pushed the winner close as she is also well balanced standing but another who needs to drop in brisket, excellent strength of bone, hindquarters well muscled and feet close though displaying too much hair between toes for me. Her narrower front movement and paler coat colour lost out to the first bitch on the day.
Members (5,2)
1.  Partridge – Kerrydown Octavia
2.  Stevenson – Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley
Seven and a half years typical, well proportioned, racy breed outline with true topline, attractive eye colour, shape and expression but not the strength and finish in the head of the winner in my opinion. Good bone and firm feet, muscled neck of good length, pleasing coat texture and rich colour, good depth of fore-chest and muscled hindquarters. Tail well set and carried, a sound and true mover.
3.  Drinkwater – Brabrook She’s All Style
Judge – Richard Morris (Lascoed)

Dog Critique – Judge: Mrs Elaine Gratton

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this lovely show. Thank you to all the exhibitors for bringing their beautiful Dogs, and too the two stewards who both worked so hard thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Minor Puppy Dog: (2)

    1. Baily Danaway Dessert Song.
    2. A very nice Puppy, well made with nice head arched neck, firm top-line well off for bone, moved well for one so young.

    3. Turner Brabrook Redbutton of Dazycutter,

Another nice Baby just not as forward as 1st, nicely made all through soft expression just need time.

Puppy Dog: (9)

    1. Danks-Kemish, Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana (AI)
    2. Impressive youngster who has it all, Lovely head long and lean, nice dark eye with raised brow, arched neck fits well into shoulders. Top line flows head to-tail well ribbed back, lovely bloom and a real showman, moved very well. (BP in show in Agreement with my Co Judge).

    3. Rutherford Judge Crocker & Siddle. Riverbrue Galliano Fizz to Clonageera.
    4. A well-made Baby lovely head, with good stop nice finish to foreface raised brow, dark eye, straight front firm pasterns good forward reach on the move.

    5. Poole, Teleri Summer Nights.

Veteran Dog: (5)

    1. Gisby & Pike SHCH Suteresett Milkyway with Scarletti JW.
    2. A champion in all aspects a pleasure to go over him, excellent outline with the loveliest head, flows from head to tail, in lovely condition moved very well.

      (Best in Show in agreement with my Co Judge)


    3. Axon Brinara Back in the Running.
    4. Lovely head with raised brow, nice length of neck into good shoulders, Gentle top- line correct croup, strong loin lovely condition.

    5. Corless Bardonhill Swift Eagle.

Junior Dog: (10) 1abs

    1. Holly Wynjill Snap Dragon.
    2. Very smart Lad, loved his head, lovely finish to foreface, arched neck leading into correct shoulders, gentle slopping top line, good bone lovely angles, moved very well, in great condition.

    3. Fitzmaurice Harreds Trooper.
    4. Rangier Boy but balanced all through, lovely head correct finish to foreface, raised brow well set on ears, strong bone, flowing top-line, with good finish to croup.

    5. Gisby Suteresett king of Hearts. JW.



Yearling Dog: (6) 1abs

    1. Muir & O’Connor Gwendariff I’m Coming Out.
    2. Handsome head with raised brow, dark eye, balanced body with straight front, nice width to quarters, short hook which he used to power round the ring.

    3. French Diervilla Zen Power.
    4. A pleasing out line, head with gentle expression, dark eye, low set ears, well of bone, lovely condition moved well.

    5. Savage Brabrook Masterpiece at Finefall.

Maiden Dog: (7) 2abs

    1. Rutherford Judge Crocker & Siddle.
    2. Riverbrue Galliano Fizz to Clonageera.

    3. Hall Harreds Trevor.
    4. Handsome lad with lovely outline, dark coat, in lovely condition, just needs to settle on the move.

    5. Russell Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli

Novice (10) 4abs

    1. Holly Wynjill Snapdragon.
    2. Ruttherford Judge Crocker & Siddle.
    3. Riverbrue Galliano Fizz to Clonogeera

    4. Halls Harreds Trevor

Undergraduate: (8) 4abs

    1. Dufrat Lynnwood Love Potion for Haverley.
    2. Liked this Boy lovely type, loved his head balanced body, good angulation front and rear, nice width hindquarters, well-muscled, short hooks, flowing top-line moved well.

    3. Jones Gwendariff Pink Floyd.
    4. Masculine head with good stop, raised brow, straight front, strong hindquarters, lovely condition, moved well.

    5. French Diervilla Zen Power.

Graduate Dog (7) 2abs

    1. Davis Pawsword Praire Wind JW.
    2. Well balanced, good front, nice angles front and rear, not exaggerated masculine head, dark eye, raised brow, low set ears, firm top-line, strong hindquarters, short hocks, moved well with style.

    3. Russel.
    4. Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli.

      Similar type to 1st, lovely head, low set ears, tight feet, correct top-line, strong loin, nice width to hindquarters, just not as settled on the move as 1st.

    5. Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor (imphun)



Post Graduate Dog: (14)3abs

    1. Sharman & Jennings – Sharman Kerrimere Indescreet.
    2. Surprised myself here, a very honest boy, head with raised brow, neck flowing into good shoulders, strong top-line, standing on good feet, well-made all through, moved well.

    3. Greenans Anlory Aiden.
    4. Striking dog, rich dark coat, head long and lean with raised brow, firm top-line, and good finish to croup, well set on tail.

    5. Dufrat Lynwood Love Potion for Haverly.

Mid Limit Dog: (9) 5abs.

    1. Mcaulys Caskeys Mischief of Stylersets. JW.
    2. Loved his head, lovely expression with plenty of work, well balanced all through, firm top-line deep fore chest. Strong loin, nice tail set moved well, Lovely Boy.

    3. Cohen Aoibheanns Rough Diamond with Shushana, JW.
    4. Handsome boy with lovely head piece, straight front plenty of sternum, slopping top-line, strong hindquarters, in lovely condition.

    5. Tupper & Rosie Staratlanta Elliot SHCM.

Limit Dog (9)

    1. Wilkins Margretwoods Gobstopper JW SHCM
    2. Have always liked this Boy, in lovely bloom, he possesses the most beautiful classic head, raised brow with melting expression, lovely outline good layback of shoulders, and good return of upper arm, plenty of sternum, short powerful hocks which he used to power round the ring, pleased to award him the CC BIS 0n referee decision, Well Done.

    3. Lucas Bardonhill Eternal Flame among Amberlight, JW.
    4. Stands over the ground, good bone, arched neck with good shoulders, strong loin, and nice finish to croup, in nice coat.

    5. Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW.

Open Dog (4)

    1. Sturrock, SHCH Forfarin I’m Sexy and I know it JW.
    2. This Boy has a lovely head and outline, gentle slopping top-line, clean shoulders correct angulation front and rear, moved well, in gleaming coat and condition,

      Worthy Champion pleased to Award RCC.

    3. Stewart Richie Smith.
    4. SH CH IR SHCH Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW CW15

      Another boy who has a lovely outline, tiptop condition. I liked his head showing raised brow, well set ears lying close to his head, firm top-line well ribbed back with strong loin, best of feet.

    5. Mitchals SH CH Amblin’s Sweet William.

Special Beginners (1)

    1. Scales Rubratinneh Tecumseh.

Hard to assess.




Alan Vanderbilt Memorial Open Class for Members Dog (4)

    1. Cohan Aoibheanns Rough diamond with Shushana JW.
    2. Masculine head, soft expression balanced body, good angulation fore and aft moved well.

    3. Cohen Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW SHCM
    4. Lovely type of dog, balanced body, with gentle slopping top-line, straight front, short hocks, moved well.

    5. Drinkwater Brabrook Shazalazoo


Brace Class  

1 / 3 Stevensons A quality pair, well matched in type quality and construction. Attractive in head with stop and expression. Overall balanced, moved effortlessly with drive.

 Junior Handling age 6 to 11

  Georgina Pilkington Foster  Sixoaks Leading Lady B.

 This young puppy was not very co-operative. Handler was caring and attentive. She was very patient and moved her well around the ring. Keep up the good work.

 Judge Olivia Henson