Irish Setter Club of Wales
Northern Open Show – 7th February 2015

Best in Show Naylor & Morrison's Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex Lucas' Kerryfair Gets Lucky Over Amberlight JW

Best Puppy Berry & Morris' Brinara Lowri

Critique – Judge – Jo-Anne Parsons (Bransett)

 I would like to thank the committee and exhibitors for such a lovely day at a 
very friendly show.  Before judging commenced there was a poignant minutes 
silence in memory of the club's late President Ivor Gittins.

 The quality of dogs that I had to judge was truly exceptional and I had to make 
some difficult decisions on the day. The puppy classes where full of quality and 

I felt that they could all go on to having great success in the future.

 The day finished with the magnificent sight of the exhibitors dogs running and 

playing freely around the large field to the back of the hall, I can think of 

nothing more beautiful.

Puppy Dog (4)

 1st - Naylor and Morrison - Romarne Clark Gable joins Anlory - A 7 month old 

puppy who is full of potential, style and already has such a ring presence.  

Masculine, handsome head, low set ears, dark eye with a 'cheeky' glint to them.  

He has a strong, straight front with plenty of bone and the neatest, tightest 

feet.  His top line flows into wide, strong hind quarters with short hocks.  His 

tail never stopped wagging as he drove around the ring, one of the best movers 

of the day.  BPD

 2nd - Rowbottom - Lanstra Spring Moon - a much more mature puppy than 1 who I also 

think shows great potential.  He has a stunning chiselled head with raised brow and a gentle 

expression.  Strong front, deep chest and well sprung ribs.  Muscled hind 

quarters with well bent stifles which he used to advantage on the move.  Thick, 

straight coat which was in immaculate condition.  

 3rd - Hyslop - Gwendariff Justin Thyme 

Veteran Dog (3,3a)

Junior Dog (3,1a)

 1st - Henson - Dazycutter Trick or Treat Tatsbro - A smart young dog showing 

plenty of promise.  I liked his size, he is balanced and racy with a gentle 

expression with no harshness, good reach of arched neck and a good 

forehand.  Deep chest, correct through the loin and once he settled and decided 

to concentrate he moved well.  

 2nd - Gwynne - Talharon Trip to the Moon - this young man really scared himself 

by slipping on the floor when he entered the ring but he recovered well.  Still 

very raw and needs to body up but it was good to see him move with confidence 

after his initial fright.

Yearling Dog (5)

 What a lovely class, I had to really split hairs between the first two.

 1st - Prangle  and Shaw-Rainey - Heathclare Old Glory JW - A young dog who is 

very mature and shown in immaculate condition with a luxurious dark chestnut 

coat.  He has great depth throughout, strong bone, straight limbs and plenty of 

depth to his chest and a good spring to his ribs that are carried well back.  

Firmly muscled and strong angulation to his hind quarters.  He is a stylish, powerful mover and holds his topline well. 

 2nd - Lucas - Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight - Another smart young man 

who I liked very much, a real showman.  Extremely handsome, with a kind 

expression, oval skull and long, low set ears.  Arched neck which flows into a 

sloping top line which he does not loose on the move.  Will watch him with 

interest as he carries on maturing.

 3rd - Cohen - Aoibheannes  Rough Diamond with Shushana JW

 Under Graduate Dog (7)

 1st - Prangle and Shaw-Rainey - Heathclare Old Glory JW

 2nd - Lucas - Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight

 3rd - Fitzmaurice - Brinara Independent

 Graduate Dog(4)

 I was interested to find out that the first three in this class all had the same 


 1st - Mitchell's - Suteresett Go the Distance to Staxyll - I adored this 

marvellous young man.  He has such a masculine expression that is full of 

kindness and intelligence.  He didn't stop wagging his tail while I was going 

over him and enjoyed every minute of moving with his substitute handler, showing 

the true character of this wonderful breed.  Strong, muscular neck into fabulous 

layback of shoulder and impressive forechest He is free from exaggeration throughout, has a correct flowing top line and powerful hind quarters.  Strong bone and 

extremely neat, tight feet.  I seriously considered him in the final line up.

 2nd - Axon - Brinara Private Eye - another cracking young man, I liked him very 

much.  Wonderfully presented with a dark, straight, gleaming chestnut coat.  I 

liked his size and balance and like 1 he is very masculine without heaviness or 

exaggeration.  Strong quarters with good bone, deep chested with well sprung ribs.  

 3rd - Fitzmaurice - Brinara Independant

Post Graduate Dog (3)

 1st - Gilks - Suteresett Mr Uppity - Extremely smart dog, racy, balanced, full 

of quality and free from exaggeration.  He has a refined, chiselled head, low 

set ears and a long, arched neck that flows into his smooth, sloping top line.  

Straight front with great depth to his chest, strong, muscular loin and well 

angulated hind quarters.  He moved well with his head held high and a lashing 

tail. I have to compliment his owner on his presentation, he looked fabulous. 

 2nd - Axon - Brinara Private Eye
3rd - Fitzmaurice - Brinara Independant

 Limit Dog (3,1a)

 1st - Child's - Tredura Clandestine Affair - Two very different dogs in this 

class.  This dog has a balanced head with raised brow showing a nice stop.  

He is a good size and shape with strong neck, well laid shoulders and good 


 2nd - Hyslop - Gwendariff The Specialist - striking dog in lovely condition.  He 

was stronger in skull than 1, very masculine, straight front with neat feet.  

Deep chest, sloping top line and good bend to stifles. 

 Open Dog (6,3a)

 What a great class, three dogs on top form, a difficult decision as they were 

all full of quality and shown in wonderful condition. 

 1st - Lucas - Kerryfair Gets Lucky  over Amberlight - this dog showed his socks 

off today, eye-catching and racy, he has such a kind, gentle expression that 

melts your heart.  Lovely reach of arched neck, straight front and good depth to 

chest.  Well muscled hind quarters which he used to drive around the ring with 

his head held high and a wagging tail.  In tip top condition and handled to 

perfection.  Pleased to award him Best Dog from a top quality entry of dogs and 


2nd - Cohen - Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW Sh CM - another wonderful dog, I 

thought he looked fantastic today.  Masculine, well balanced head with dark eye 

and raised brow.  Good forechest and spring of ribs, wide, powerful hind quarters,
 he moved and showed very well and was in immaculate condition.  Thoroughly deserved Reserve Best Dog.

 3rd - Axon - Brinara Back in the Running 

Puppy Bitch (7,1a)

 What a class, all seven puppies showed such potential I was spoilt for choice.

 1st - 


 and Morris - Brinara Lowri -  7 months old, I thought she was 

beautiful, so feminine and elegant, wonderful refined head with raised brow, 

dark eye and long, low set ears.  Straight front, sloping shoulders, and well 

sprung ribs.  She has great hind angulation, short hocks and was very happy on 

the move.  A rich, dark chestnut coat finished the picture perfectly, one I will 

watch with interest in the future.

 2nd - Naylor and Morrison - Anlory Corbieres - another stunning puppy, so 

balanced, typical mischievous expression, fabulous reach of neck which flows 

into her correct shoulders and flowing top line. She powers around the ring 

showing amazing drive for one so young and looks a real picture from any angle.  

 3rd - Waterton - Sandstream Summer Breeze

 Veteran Bitch (2)

 1st - Prangle - Heathclare Blin-kin Magic - 7 year old bitch in very good 

condition, won this class on her positive, driving movement.
 She is well muscled and with a deep chestnut, gleaming coat. 
 Balanced and free from exaggeration, plenty of bone and good depth 
and angulation throughout.  Interested to discover she was the Dam
 of my Yearling Dog winner.

 2nd - Russell - Melmara Mezza Luna - Another top quality bitch, classic head, 

great length of fore face, raised brow and quizzical expression, so balanced 

with sloping top line, well laid back shoulders and good lung room.

 Junior Bitch (3,1a)

 Two very promising young bitches in this class, was splitting hairs between 


1st - Taylor - Danaway Goody Two Shoes - such a pretty bitch, so refined with a 

very feminine, balanced, lean head and the desired raised brow.   She is elegant 
with a flowing top line and shows real promise throughout.  At the moment she has
 better body and depth of chest than 2 which won her the class.  She was also third in 
a quality Yearling class.

 2nd - Webb - Alolfran Pure Tempation at Redeshka - another very elegant lady, 

with much to like.  An  unexaggerated bitch, she is also very racy and elegant 

with a firm top line that she maintained well on the move.  She is still a 

youngster and I think she will continue her promise as she matures and bodies 


 Yearling Bitch (5,1a)

 1st - Heather - Caskeys Movie Star at Sixoaks JW - I really fell for this young 

bitch.  She has a wonderful, balanced, classic head, so pretty, with raised 

brows creating a chiselled expression, just what I was looking for.  A great 

depth of chest and well bodied, good bone, with strong fore and rear quarters 

and she moved out very well with her substitute handler.  She was completely 

free from exaggeration and was balanced throughout.  I thought she was very 

special and was delighted to award her Res Best Bitch.

 2nd - Prangle - Heathclare Que Sera Sera - an extremely glamorous young lady 

shown in top condition, a real eye catcher.  Slightly smaller than 1, another 

very pretty bitch with strong bone, arched neck and well laid back shoulders.  

Well muscled hind quarters which helped her drive around the ring. She was 

immaculately presented with a rich dark chestnut coat, a real beauty.

 3rd - 


 - Danaway Goody Two Shoes

 Undergraduate Bitch (1,1a)

 Graduate Bitch (2)

 1st - 


 and Morris - Brinara Vanity Fair JW - a very smart bitch, extremely 

balanced and in fabulous condition.  She has a muscled arched neck, excellent 

forehand, sloping, well laid back shoulders and firm top line.  Wide, powerful 

hind quarters and small firm feet.  She moved like a dream, striding out around 

the ring, she looks like she could run all day.  A strong contender in my final 

line up.

 2nd - Taylor - Wynjill Well Done - finer bitch than 1, very feminine head and 

expression,  lovely length of neck and flowing top line,  she was just not as 

positive on the move as 1.

 Post Graduate Bitch (3,1a)

 1st - Russell - Melmara Minervois - this bitch has a wonderful, classic 

chiselled head with raised brow and dark eye.  Strong bone, great depth of 

chest and correct angulation fore and aft.  She has a correct slightly sloping 
top line and has positive, happy movement.  She was not in her best coat today.

 2nd - 


 - Wynjill Well Done

 Limit Bitch (2,2a)

 Open Bitch (4,1a)

 1st - Naylor and Morrison - Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW - This bitch 

simply took my breath away, I thought she was stunning.  She is the epitome of 

‘racy, balanced and refined’ and was presented in fabulous condition with a rich chestnut coat. 
She has a gentle, classic expression, straight front, good depth of chest and well 

sprung ribs.  Her top line flows and is gently sloping into her powerful and 

well muscled hind quarters which she uses to drive around the ring with a lashing tail. 
I could not fault her and was delighted to award her Best Bitch and BIS.

2nd - Brady - Reddins Frolic among Amberlight - another bitch in full bloom and 

condition but sadly was not happy on the move today.  Larger bitch than 1 but 

still balanced and full of quality.  Strong, slightly arched neck into deep 

sloping shoulders, firm top line, well muscled loin and hind quarters. 

 3rd - Russell's - Melmara Ruby Tuesday 


 1st - Russell - a pair of quality 9 year old sisters who were perfectly matched.  

They both excel in head, with wonderful gentle expressions.  They moved around 

the ring in perfect unison, maintaining their top lines with their heads held 

high and lashing tails.


Jo-Anne Parsons