Southern Open Show

Sunday 20th November

at Llanarth Village Hall

Judge Rebecca Goutorbe (nee Burton)


MPD 1 entry

1st Child’s, Tredura Clandestine Affair, 8 Months with lots of promise.  Head Long and Lean with long neck and dark eye.  Ribs well sprung with deep chest, straight front and strong topline which he held well on the move along with his lashing tail and exuberant temperament.  Best Puppy Dog.


PD 1 entry 

 1st Child’s, Tredura Clandestine Affair


VD 2 Entries (1 Ab)

1st Child’s Brenrue Outlander Shcm, 8 Year Old which looked a picture for his age stood out. Good head, expression and eye. Long neck.  Good coat presented well.  Correct topline. Moved okay but tail action let him down.


JD 3 Entries (2 Ab)

1st McDonagh’s, Ronzalda Figaro, Rich coated young dog with well angulated hind quarters.  Good deep chest but still needs to fill out. Correct sloping topline. Gave his handler a hard time and spoilt himself on the move.


YD 3 Entries (1 ab)

1st McDonagh’s, Ronzalda Figaro,

2nd Child’s, Tredura Outer Limits, Lovely head boy (long and lean) with good eye.  Lacking the coat and overall finish of 1.  Good outline and tailset, but didn’t settle on the move.


GD 7 Entries (1 ab)

1st Greenan’s Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset JW. Dark coated boy with my kind of head.  Cleanest of outlines.  Superb angulation throughout which he used to his advantage on the move holding his topline well, with correct lashing tail action.  Was next in line for top honours!

2nd Barker-Bell’s, Balintyne The Continental JW.  Young correct sized dog.  Good masculine head, long strong neck.  I preferred the overall picture of 1, but he was easy to appreciate.  Moved straight and true.

3rd Webb’s, Alolfran Moment in Time.  If I was judging heads alone this would be the winner!  A little too compact for the breed however well angulated shoulders and good topline.  Nice overall picture.  Moved well.


PGD 4 Entries (1 Ab)

1st Price’s, Severnvale Simply Special, Not my type but I could not deny his merits.  Very racey.  Good head and soft expression.  Nicely balanced and clean in outline.  Moved free and true.

2nd Child’s, Lyrasett Discovery. Incredible amount of coat which could have done with being tamed.  I liked him stood out but he lacked enthusiasm on the move.

3rd Middleton’s Trebeurden Diamond.  Head not my type.  Balanced in outline.  I feel sure he would perform better in an outside ring.


LD 2 Entries

1st Lewis’s, Deaconara Danse De Bleu Avec Dotcomsetter JW.  Good well proportioned head.  Long strong neck leading to well angulated shoulders.  Strong Topline and lovely correct tailset.  Well constructed hindquarters and short hocks.  Moved straight and true with a lashing tail action.  Beautifully presented in firm enough condition.  If I am being ultra critical I would rather he had a more sloping topline but on the day he could not be denied him Best Dog and best opposite sex.

2nd  Middleton’s Trebeurden Diamond


OD 3 Entries (2 Ab)

1st Danks-Kemish’s, Tiroen Time After Time for Alolfran JW ShCm.  I have admired this dog from the ringside.  I love him stood out in superb show condition.  Lovely masculine head and long strong neck.  Good barrel of rib.  Perfect breed topline and good tailset.  Correct hindquarters with sweeping stifle. Moved with reach but lack a little drive from behind.  Res BD


MPB 3 Entries (0 Ab)

1st Naylor & Morrison’s, Anlory Living Water.  For a 9 month old puppy she was beautifully angulated, especially her sweeping stifles and shortest of hocks.  Lovely head and melting expression.  Perfect sloping topline.  Moved so freely.  One for the future.  BPIS

2nd Russell’s Melmara Minervoif, A pup which still need a lot of time.  Well balanced outline, pleasing head.  Super length to the body although still very raw.  Moved nicely for one so young.

3rd Naylor & Morrison’s, Forfarian Got It Flaunt it.  A real baby in the class.  Showed a lot of potential stood out.  Deep Chest and strong long neck.  Couldn’t however match the first two for the head.  Very steady on the move.


PB 5 Entries (0 Ab)

 1st Naylor & Morrison’s, Anlory Living Water

2nd Sheldon’s, Delsanto Snowbelle, So unlucky to meet 1! Nice feminine head, long clean neck leading to excellent shoulders.  Good deep chest and shown in good condition.  Ample hindquarter angulation although didn’t excel in the same way as 1.  Moved straight and true.

3rd  Carter’s Gwendariff Specially Maid.  Lovely headed feminine bitch although not the expression I would look for.  Long strong neck.  A good overall outline and shown in good condition.  Moved well.


VB 4 Entries (1 Ab)

1st Waterton’s Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW SHCM, Elegant 10 yr old bitch, with the most beautiful head and long strong neck.  Good angulation and striking outline.  Moved so well for her age.  BViS

2nd Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Homeward Bound. Very well made bitch in good coat and condition.  Good head and expression.  Excellent bend of stifle.  Moved really well with a lashing tail.

3rd Middleton’s, Derrydore Ruby Dream at Trebeurden. A bitch in tiptop condition.  Good head and long strong neck.  Not the overall picture of 1 & 2.


JB 8 Entries (3 Ab)

1st Sheldon’s, Delsanto Snowbelle,

2nd Gwilliam & Bozier’s, Victoriaview Velvet.  Elegant 13 month old with the most beautiful head and melting expression.  Long Neck and straightest of fronts.  Excellent rear angulation.  Good thick, quality coat.  Racey! I’m sorry to say the handler didn’t get the best from her.  I really did like this one!!!

3rd Drinkwater’s, Brabrook Sharadiyn.  A little heavy for my tastes.  Superb shape and angulation.  Moved straight and true.  Just lacked the elegance I am looking for.


YB 5 Entries (3 Ab)

1st Howatson’s, Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders. Bitch shown in great coat and condition.  Nice head with lovely low set ears.  Great outline stood out with ample angulation throughout.  Moved straight and true with a good tailset.

2nd Drinkwater’s, Brabrook Sharadiyn


Tyro B 4 Entries (2 Ab)

1st Sheldon’s, Delsanto Snowbelle

2nd Drinkwater’s Brabrook She all Style, Elegant bitch that possesses a beautiful head.  Great shape throughout.  Sadly let herself down on the move.


GB 5 Entries (no Ab)

1st Naylor & Morrisons, Anlory Crianza JW.  This is what I look for in a bitch! Beautiful head and expression with the longest of necks.  Striking outline, excellent bend of stifle.  Moved free and true.  Exactly what you would expect from this kennel.  I considered her for top honours but I felt she just lack the finishing’s needed.

2nd Howatson’s, Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders

3rd Hall’s Shenanagin Stardrift at Glennara JW. Well made elegant bitch.  Lovely outline with no exagerations.  Moved well but lacked a little of the drive of 1 & 2. 


PGB 3 Entries (no Ab)

1st Barker-Bells, Balintyne Luck be a Lady JW.   Well proportioned bitch with the darkest of eye and coat to match.  Good outline and well strung ribs.  Best mover in the class.

2nd Price’s, Severnvale High Class Babe JW.  Not my type of bitch but I cannot deny her elegance, good head and eye.  Very well made throughout. 

3rd Philipes’ Derrydore Woodlark. 


LB 5 Entries (3 Ab)

1st Mugford’s, Lynwood Started With a Kiss JW.  Stunning bitch with the most beautiful head and expression possessing lovely  low set ears.  Long neck leading to very well angulated shoulders.  Correct length through the body.  Enough hindquarter angulation.  Moved correctly with a natural high head and lashing tail action.  Res Best Bitch and res BIS.

2nd Russell’s Melmara Ruby Tuesday.  Good bitch, with a good outline.  Super rear angulation.  Pleasing head and moved really well.  Really unlucky to meet 1.


OB 5 Entries (2 Ab)

1st Waterton’s Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW.  Overall this was the best exhibit of the day.  Not the head of her sister but still a beautiful head none the less.  Her exquisite shape and balance throughout was what won her best bitch and best in show.  Moved straight and true with a good tail action. 

2nd Hall’s, Glennara Lehana Jw SHCM.  The most gorgeous head and expression.   In excellent coat and condition.  Very striking bitch.  Sadly I could not forgive her hind movement.

3rd Robert’s and Bye, Colanme Confection.