2010 Championship Show Results

Sunday 18th April 

The Severn Hall Three Counties Showground Malvern


Dogs – Miss S. Waterton (Sandstream)

Bitches – Mrs. W. Duynkerke (Westerhuy)

Referee – Mrs. M. Gittins (Roftmar)

Judges and Referee with

Dee Milligan with Dog CC and Best in Show Milligan-Bott & Bott's Scotslaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara

Bitch CC Maggie Henderson's Sametsuz A Taste of Honey

Best Veteran Tony Drinkwater's Sh.Ch. Brabrook Red Rose J.W. 

Best Puppy Pullen & Atkin's Harvancourt Harley at Jacingal 

Bitch Reserve CC Tony Drinkwater's Sh.Ch. Brabrook Red Rose J.W. 

Bitch CC Maggie Henderson's Sametsuz A Taste of Honey

Dee Milligan with Dog CC and Best in Show Milligan-Bott & Bott's Scotslaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara

Dog Reserve CC Sue Edwards' Gwendariff Rockin Robin 

Dog Critique -

Irish Setter Club of Wales , 18 April 2010 - Dogs

A privilege to judge this popular show; I was thrilled to find a super quality entry, leading to  some  difficult decisions with many favourites coming up against each other, as well as some surprises.  I actually thought heads had improved since I last judged, there were certainly many to admire.  In general, presentation was good (word must have spread about my ‘foot fetish’); whilst we obviously concentrate on construction and ‘fit for function’, this is, after all, a dog show and presentation can make a significant difference and tip the balance with 2 equally comparable dogs vying for position.


MPD (6,0a) 1 Sheldon’s Balintyne Foreign Intrigue at Delsanto, don’t think I’ve seen such a delinquent puppy before, he was determined not to co-operate but, following a change of handler I could assess him as he then behaved like an angel!  Lovely balanced head, with low earset, good body proportions and angulation, straight front and excellent forechest, well-bodied, impressive profile, good on the move, 2 Barker-Bell’s Balintyne The Continental, litter brother to 1, sweet expression, raised brow, good topline and tailset, moved soundly and with drive, not as forward in body as 1, 3 Bettis’ Ornella Lexington, well constructed pup, although a little smaller in stature at the moment, moved well, 4 Gardner’s Mayfred Moon Dance 5 King’s Cataluna Hickory


PD (9) 1 Atkin & Pullen’s Harvancourt Harley at Jacingail, have watched this boy from his early days and have sometimes seen him looking a little podgy, but not today, stunning dog from any angle, exquisitely handsome head, great forechest and front, arched neck into well laid shoulders, tight feet, well up on pasterns, superb angulation and balance, good topline/tailset, excellent width of thigh, moved like a dream, turned out in immaculate coat and condition, expertly handled, BPIS, well done  2 Lewis’ Deaconara Danse De Bleu avec Dotcomsetter, another I’ve had my eye on, appealing head, with dark eye and good earset, well made with balanced outline, good topline and angulation, in full coat, moved ok but not the drive of 1, 3 Bott’s Bardonhill Tom Foolery, good head and outline, rangier, more streamlined, moved really well, promising,  4 Corless’ Bardonhill Swift Eagle  5 Rowles’ Zendarric Mischief Managed


VD (7,2) Tough decision 1 Symons’ Covarney Cruiser, classic pleasing head with gentle expression, good forechest & shoulder placement, correct angulation, topline and tailset, in lovely condition, moved perfectly and with drive, 2 Edwards’ Barleydale Lumiere, dog I have judged before and still a favourite, trusting expression with raised brow, good front, lovely clean lines with good layback of shoulder, super angulation, in lovely condition, moved soundly displaying an impressive outline, 3 Davis’ Carnbargus Colorado, good head, with low earset, balanced body proportions, moved well, not the coat or condition of the first 2, 4 Rose-Hay & Gaul Cataluna Nickle N’ Dime  5 Vincent & Spencer Gimaroch On Request at Caervista


JD (11,1) 1 Gisby & Pike Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti, have admired this boy since he first came out at 6 months, so pleased to have the chance to go over him and wasn’t disappointed, very handsome chiselled head with raised brow, sweet quizzical expression, clean through neck to shoulder, good sternum with plenty of heart room, fabulous tight feet, well up on pasterns, good depth throughout, correct angulation and excellent width of thigh, developing just as he should for his age, richly coated condition, gently sloping topline, moved soundly with lovely lashing tail action, 2 Ciechonska Coppers Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne, smaller than 1 at the moment and more streamlined, kind expression, super lay back of shoulder, correct angulation, good depth throughout, in excellent full coat in great condition, very finished for one so young, moved well, 3 Greenan’s Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset, well made dog, good front and shoulder placement, deep chested, well off for bone, in gleaming condition, somewhat exuberant in movement but capably handled, 4 Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Whata Corker 5 Stubbs’ Riverbrue Zeus


YD (7,1) 1 Mugford’s Copper’s Undercover at Lynwood, easy to see why this boy has done his winning, gentle expression with raised brow, clean through neck to good shoulder placement, excellent forechest and feet, good angulation, topline/tailset, would just like him to drop a little at the rear, moved soundly and with drive  2 Legge’s Maescartref Tenessee Mood, new one to me, classic head with kind eye, very well balanced, good forechest, angulation and depth throughout, a little shorter coupled than 1, moved well presenting a good outline, very pleasing,  3 Rorke’s Cataluna Pole Position, different type again, deep chested with good angulation and topline, moved really well covering the ground with drive,  4 Bettis’ Reddins Lester at Ornella  5 Danks-Kemish’ Sametsuz On Cue at Alofran


MD (8,1) 1 Deaconara Danse De Bleu avec Dotcomsetter  2 Bott’s Bardonhill Tom Foolery  3 Corless Bardonhill Swift Eagle, more racy than former winners, excellent reach of neck, straight front, correct construction with good depth, topline, and condition,  4  Stewart-Ritchie Gwendariff Whata Corker  5 Rodda’s Teramour Going For Gold


ND (12,1) 1 Vincent & Spencer’s Lynwood Kiss Chase at Caervista, not surprising I should like this one, lovely boy with sweet expression, good forechest, straight front and super tight feet; well angulated throughout with correct shoulder placement, gently sloping topline and correct tailset, moved really well, striding out, just needs a little more condition and will trouble the best,  2 Ciechonska’s Coppers Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne 3 Lewis’ Deaconara Danse De Bleu avec Dotcomsetter  4 Greenan’s Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset  5 Bott’s Bardonhill Tom Foolery


UGD (11) 1 Vincent & Spencer’s Lynwood Kiss Chase at Caervista  2 Ciechonska’s Coppers Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne 3 Legge’s Maescartref Tenessee Mood 4 Partridge’s Kerrydown My Guy 5 Greenan’s Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset


GD (5,1WD)  Unfortunately, one dog had to withdraw with ‘cold tail’ - I hope this new exhibitor will not be put off trying again because of this. 1 Bott’s Bardonhill Grinning Bear, most striking on first glance, correct head with kind expression, well balanced with everything in the right place, tight feet, good spring of rib, substance without coarseness, strong rear quarters enabling him to move freely and correctly displaying an impressive outline, 2 Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Wish Me Luck,  racier than 1, good head with dark eye and raised brow, balanced throughout with excellent angulation, well muscled, extends firmly on the move creating pleasing picture, 3 Byrne & Eden’s Siochanna Irish Legend, different in type again, good head and angulation fore & aft, moved with drive, well presented if possibly a tad overly so for me, 4 Penford’s Millcroft Storm On The Moon


PGD (19,1) Excellent class, some good dogs unplaced, could have done with two sets of cards, 1 Hunter & Brown’s Shenanagin Scholar with Braidmount, have watched this boy developing and pleased to have a chance to judge him, lovely head and appealing expression with raised brow, dark eye and good earset, rangier in outline than some with possibly more development to come, correct angulation, excellent forechest and good depth throughout, great strength in hindquarters allowing him to stride out impressively, well turned out, strong contender, 2 Baldry’s Scarletti Razzle Dazzle at Derryveagh, pleasing in many ways and different to 1 being slightly shorter coupled, gentle expression with kind eye, good straight front with tight feet, well constructed throughout, good width of thigh and rear strength enabling him to move impressively, covering the ground with free flowing movement, in excellent condition, 3 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Kramer, fabulous head, clean lines and good angulation, in brilliant coat and condition, strode out well,  4 Condron & Mortimer’s Covarney Masterclass 5 Wall’s Cilcain Anything Goes to Hazelbeck

MLD (12) Tough class, with some favourites through all the placings, 1 Bott’s Bardonhill Ginger Whinger, dog who commands attention in many ways, he looks straight at you with that wistful expression many crave for, good forechest, straight front and excellent layback of shoulder leading to gently sloping topline and correct croup and tailset, add his good angulation, width of thigh and depth throughout, and you can see why he has been admired by so many, he actually looks better on the move than when stood, moving soundly with ease and lashing tail, lovely boy, 2 Cuddy’s Balbriggan Royal Rebel, lovely head with soft expression and low earset, excellent depth of chest and spring of rib, good angulation fore & aft with super width of thigh given rear strength enabling him to stride out and move impressively, rich dark coat in good condition completed the picture, bit of a fidget, 3 Stockton’s Kespas Infrared, surprised myself with this dog, appealing head, if a little stronger than the others but still balanced and appealing, good to go over, with strength and correctness throughout, drove round the ring with purpose, really impressive mover, 4 Crosswell’s Gwendariff Mr Noticeme  5 Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Chances Are.


LD (13,2) Surprised myself in this class also, 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Rockin Robin, streamlined and racy looking dog with characteristic refinement, gentle expression which has softened from my previous impression of him, good neck into shoulder with firm straight front, neat feet, good forechest and general depth throughout, well sprung rib, outstanding presentation with gleaming coat, expertly handled, flowed around the ring effortlessly commanding attention with superb driving action, RCC,  2 Stockton’s Kespas Innuendo, pleasing head with kind expression, good general construction, tight pasterns, excellent depth and width of thigh, another which surprised me – but, like his sibling, had superb movement which really stood out, went like the wind ! 3 Crocker & Hammick’s Riverbrue Dionysus, impressive streamlined dog in terrific condition, handsome head, clean through neck to shoulder, lovely outline, moved with a powerful and extended gait,  4 Atkin & Pullen’s Shanoah Jump To It  5 Pike’s Redclyst Thomas The Rymer


OD (5,3) 1 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Scotselaw Detroit Spinner by Thendara, the most appealing head with eyes that almost twinkle at you as if he knows his charms, dreamy wistful expression and balanced head with low set ears, good layback of shoulder from straight front with prominent forechest, everything flows into place, excellent angulation, topline and tailset, superbly turned out, as one would expect from this exhibitor, unrivalled coat and condition, moved with elegance and drive, what a combination, pleased to award him CC and, with my co-judge’s agreement, BIS  2 Rorke’s Cataluna Captivatione to Zakhan, different type to 1, balanced head, good front with depth throughout, correct angles and plenty of rear strength, enabling him to display positive, effortless movement, very sound, in good coat.


SBD (5,2) 1 Rorke’s Cataluna Pole Position  2 Partridge’s Kerrydown My Guy, chiselled head with lovely gentle expression, well grown with correct angulation and good depth, plenty of furnishings, moved with drive and purpose covering the ground with ease.  3 Mitchell’s Polmennor Bonfire, smaller style dog, good head, shorter backed than first 2, good angulation, moved with lashing tail, dropped off a little at croup.


Alan Vanderbilt Memorial Stakes (7,1) 1 Bott’s Bardonhill Ginger Whinger  2 Stockton’s Kespas Innuendo  3 Partridge’s Kerrydown Look At Me  4 Davis’ Carnbargus Colorado  5 Rorke’s Cataluna Captivatione to Zakhan



Bitch Critique


Thank you for the fantastic hospitality, welcome and also the entry from all the exhibitors; I enjoyed the chance to judge so many bitches in England .


Happy to see that the higher classes had very good movement however breeders should be watching for the correct shoulder placement. Breeding for good muscles and free exercise should also help to improve movement particularly for the younger bitches.


Minor Puppy


1.                  Pollard’s Grayrigge Rosalind

Well constructed with good bone and feet. Good angulation front and rear. Moved well for a baby. Well presented in good coat.

2.                  Berry and Morris’s Brinara Briet

Lovely outline, good croup. Less mature in body than 1. Well-handled.

3.                  Cook’s Grayrigge Rionagh




1.                   Gardner ’s Carnbargus Confetti

Very nice type, pleasing head, good feet and bone and in good coat.

2.                   Caskey’s Fabulous Feebie

Nice head, also good bone and feet. A bit loose in movement.

3.                   King’s Kirkavagh Ebadylia




1.                  Drinkwater’s Sh Ch. Brabrook Red Rose

Terrific style and presence, moved like a real champion. Good body, strong feet, lovely topline, good croup. Professionally handled.

2.                  Mugford’s Sh. Ch.Lynwood Sealed with a Kiss

Quality bitch with good body, nice reach of neck and lovely head. Moved well, with good style.

3.                  Martin’s ixia Tabitha




1.                  Douthwaite and Wharfe’s Gracewood Shannon

Striking bitch, good feet and bone, correct topline and tailset. Short hocks and in good coat

2.                  Box’s Fernstart Lovesong

Nice outline, strong topline with good feet and bone.

3.                  Borthwick’s Lotushill Misdemeanor




1.       Evans’s Neathamill Firebird

Lovely shape and topline. Good feet and bone.Nice head.

2.       Hunter and Brown’s Braidmount Midnight Lady JW

A sensitive young lady. Good topline and tailset with a pretty coat.

3.       Walter’s Deneil Won Love




1.       Gardner ’s Carnbargus Confetti

2.       Box’s Fernstart Lovesong

3.       Borthwick’s Lotushill Misdemeanor




1.   Gardner ’s Carnbargus Confetti

2.       Box’s Fernstart Lovesong

3.      Borthwick’s Lotushill Misdemeanor




1.       Hillock’s Jonola Hot and Sassy

Nice bodied girl in good coat. Nice dark eye,good bone and feet and nice short hocks.

2.       Williamson’s Bluespring’s Atlantis

Sound bitch with good bone and feet and good tailset.

3.       Wilkins’s Margretswood Buzzy Bee




1.          Naylor’s Anlory Carmenere JW

The best mover in the class. A lot of presence, nice picture to look at. Good short hocks. Just needs to improve in coat condition.

2.          Mugford’s Lynwood Started with a Kiss

Bitch in great shape with beautiful head. Well handled.

3.          Meadows and Ritchie’s Gwendariff Miss Whiplash JW


Post  Graduate       


1.         Andrew’s Bambarella Love Story

Lovely topline, in nice coat with good feet and bone. Good head and expression.Well-handled.

2.         Powis’s Amberwave Freckles JW

Nice picture, moved well. Good bone and feet.

3.         Bott’s Bardonhill Days are Diamond JW


Mid Limit


1.            Ritchie’s Gwendariff Fizzy Pop JW

As usual well-handled and moved by the owner. Very nice bitch in good coat with good topline,feet and bone. Nice head and expression.

2.            Wilkins Margetswood Kitty Cat JW

Very nice shape, well-handled, happy mover.

3.            Waddell’s Riquitta Shillelagh Gold at Wishingtree




1.            Henderson ’s A Taste of Honey

What a picture and a mover. Lovely head and expression. My CC for the day.

2.            Hall’s Glennara Lehana JW

Lovely shape,great angulation.Good feet and bone, and nice head and expression.

3.            Hillocks Liberty X JW




1.           Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Rock Diva JW

Striking bitch moved with drive, good feet and bone and good hind-quarters.

2.           Mugford’s Sh.Ch.Lynwood Follow Your Dreams JW

Compact bitch – a lovely shape and a good mover.

3.           Hunter and Brown’s Sh. Ch.Braidmount Geisha Girl


Special Beginners


1.            Clemence’s Anlory Astra


Gwyneth Vanderbilt Memorial


1.           Drinkwater’s Sh. Ch.Brabrook Red Rose JW

2.           Mc Donagh’s Ronzalda Esmeralda

3.           Blackshaw’s Lanstara Bedazzled